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Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh – New Car Shipping & Detailing Supplies Service

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

New Car Shipping & Detailing Supplies Service Available Now

At Chuck’s, we’ve taken pride in offering the best quality and convenience when it comes to mobile car detailing in Pittsburgh.

We try our best to be prompt, show up on time, do great work while respecting our customers property, and just be a good business that you want to tell your friends and family about.

That has been the goal first over sacrificing quality by growing teams of detailers so that we can fill more appointments. That would bring more financial benefits to Chuck’s but it also may bring more confusion and a drop in quality sometimes. I can’t succumb to that.

So we have decided to stay the way we are and grow in other aspects.  There are 2 services we starting to add to our services with our love of automobiles.

1. Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport

We have recently started connecting customers in Pittsburgh who wish to ship their vehicle or heavy equipment with independent truck drivers. We are a bridge between the two and we want to use our same customer service oriented style with being able to effectively help customers match up with a truck driver looking for work shipping cars independently.

Our website is FlatEarthShipping.com and we will be growing that as we go.

Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport by Chuck's Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh FlatEarthShipping.com

2. Selling the Same Enthusiast Grade, Eco-Friendly Auto Detailing Products We Use On Over 1000 Customers Vehicles.

We are offering the same products that win us awards detailing and car show prizes to the DIYS(do it yourself) oriented customers.

Here’s the page to check out auto detailing supplies available to purchase

Join Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh when you need your car detailed right at your home or office, or now if you are needing a vehicle shipped to you or you are shipping a vehicle.

We are growing our Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport like it is a new business so our main focus is to provide service like no other as we grow and become respected. Thanks again for choosing

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh.

What is The Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh Difference?

Here are a few good reasons to choose Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh for your mobile car detailing, cleaning, and protection needs up to 40 miles around Pittsburgh, Pa.

Chuck's Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

No Need to Drop Off Your Car or Worry About Moving it

  • We come right to your home or office! Forget having to drop it off and find a ride.
  • Also no need to have to take a whole day off to get it done where it becomes a chore.
  • We use the highest quality, EPA approved and Eco-Friendly products that allow us to detail a car anywhere.
  • We don’t need to spray water everywhere or put chemicals around the ground. We come fully equipped to detail your car in the most quality way possible while getting it done before you leave your work day.
  • Many of our customers use us while they are working or doing other things while at home so it will be done before you know it.

Eco-Friendly yet Quality Mobile Interior & Exterior Detailing in Pittsburgh

  • We are a Super Service Award winner on Angie’s List for multiple years.
  • By using Chuck’s, assure your car will be in great hands and treated by true car enthusiasts. Whether it is your baby, a new car, or just a company car, they will get the best treatment and protection.


  • We have Stage 1 to Stage 4 packages to make sure you have options so you can go all out, or just get what you need and nothing more.
  • Keep in mind, although we have 4 options of packages, we earned our reputation of quality by only providing quality packages, sorry we can’t offer just a vacuum or just a quick wash.
  • We do make the prices affordable with discounts for repeat customers(10%) and 20% for any customer who has 2 or more cars they would need fully done at the same place or time.
  • Redeem our 20% of 2 or more car digital coupon at our Perks Pittsburgh business profile today here
  • http://perkspittsburgh.com/chuck-s-mobile-auto-detailing-pittsburgh

We Save Over 120 Gallons of Water Per Car

  • We don’t need water, so over 1000 customers around Pittsburgh it adds up.
  • Easily over 120,000 gallons saved thus far and always growing.
  • This prevents harsh chemicals from entering waterways and drains in our city.
  • It is a small part, and not our main selling point, but it helps in the long run.
  • Text Chuck by visiting Mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com now and the number to text is right there for you.
  • You’ll get instant help and a quote just by texting the word “Detail”.
  • If not during business hours, please allow til the following morning to get your quote.

Thanks for choosing Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh!

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh 2016 Discounts and Deals

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh 2016 Discounts & Deals

This year at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh, we like to add some kind of a special to thank our customers for letting us know they enjoy our services by giving us positive reviews,etc.

There are two options of discounts for you to choose from for all of 2016.

Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh Discounts

Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh Discounts

1. Save 20% off your total if you get 2 or more cars fully detailed. Same day,same location.

This is great for families or businesses with multiple cars. Family members or coworkers can have us do 2 or more of their vehicles at the same place and time saving 20% off the total. This usually is well over $100 in savings instantly. We have over 25 businesses that we look forward to going to that take advantage of this and allow us to take care of their vehicles in the most quality of ways possible.

2. The second discount is for any single vehicle, that includes the Stage 4 Full Car Show Simulation Package.

You’ll get to save 10% off your total if you choose to go all out on your vehicles transformation and protection.

This will maximize your cars protection from exterior debris and interior stains,while preserving your leather seats and enhancing shine on all your car washes. We use the highest quality waxes and paint sealants that is noticeably different compared to good products.

We are about maximizing quality and don’t skimp on it anywhere. But also we are known for convenience and are able to do it at your work,office,or home location so you don’t have to move your car or drop it off and pick up.

Take advantage of your 2016 mobile car detailing discounts in Pittsburgh with Chuck’s by visiting our website at mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com today. Or text Chuck at 412-726-6092 for a quick and easy appointment set up that only takes a couple seconds of your time.

Thanks for choosing us as your service to take care of your vehicle for 2016 and beyond in Pittsburgh!