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Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh – New Car Shipping & Detailing Supplies Service

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

New Car Shipping & Detailing Supplies Service Available Now

At Chuck’s, we’ve taken pride in offering the best quality and convenience when it comes to mobile car detailing in Pittsburgh.

We try our best to be prompt, show up on time, do great work while respecting our customers property, and just be a good business that you want to tell your friends and family about.

That has been the goal first over sacrificing quality by growing teams of detailers so that we can fill more appointments. That would bring more financial benefits to Chuck’s but it also may bring more confusion and a drop in quality sometimes. I can’t succumb to that.

So we have decided to stay the way we are and grow in other aspects.  There are 2 services we starting to add to our services with our love of automobiles.

1. Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport

We have recently started connecting customers in Pittsburgh who wish to ship their vehicle or heavy equipment with independent truck drivers. We are a bridge between the two and we want to use our same customer service oriented style with being able to effectively help customers match up with a truck driver looking for work shipping cars independently.

Our website is FlatEarthShipping.com and we will be growing that as we go.

Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport by Chuck's Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh FlatEarthShipping.com

2. Selling the Same Enthusiast Grade, Eco-Friendly Auto Detailing Products We Use On Over 1000 Customers Vehicles.

We are offering the same products that win us awards detailing and car show prizes to the DIYS(do it yourself) oriented customers.

Here’s the page to check out auto detailing supplies available to purchase

Join Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh when you need your car detailed right at your home or office, or now if you are needing a vehicle shipped to you or you are shipping a vehicle.

We are growing our Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport like it is a new business so our main focus is to provide service like no other as we grow and become respected. Thanks again for choosing

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh.

Happy New Year From Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh!

From Chuck’s Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh, we want to take a minute to thank all of our customers for choosing us as their mobile service to come to their home & office to clean their vehicles.

mobile auto detailing pittsburgh

text Chuck “Detail” to 412-726-6092 for quick appointment

In 2017, we are going to keep providing the best customer service possible to try and win some more awards, while hopefully giving you not only the best car detailing quality around, but also making it as convenient as possible for you to get done.

That’s why we offer texting appointments, we have over 900 customers around Pittsburgh and a majority of them love to text to set up their interior or exterior car detailing package at their home or office.

Text “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 or simply visit our website at mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com and get a quick and easy quote via email.

In 5 years, we have saved over 100,000 gallons of chemical filled water from entering Pittsburgh waterways while out detailing our customers cars at their home or offices. We will continue to be eco-friendly while also providing the best quality mobile car detailing service available.

There are national companies that will get the customer online and then send unknown people to do your car, with us, you will always get myself and my assistant to make sure your car is done correctly.

We have repeat customer all over Pittsburgh from Cranberry, Wexford, Warrendale, to Robinson, Imperial, & Moon Township, to Mcmurray, Upper Saint Clair, Bethel Park, to Washington, Monroeville, & even some parts of West Virginia.

We come to clean and detail your cars up to 50 miles around Pittsurgh, Pa and don’t need anything except for your vehicles access.

We offer many forms of payment onsite and can provide a digital receipt, and your car and property will be treated with the utmost care.

Our regular detail customers know this already, but for anyone looking to get the feeling of a brand new car, while protecting your investment to the very max, try Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh in 2017!

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Eco-Friendly, Enthusiast Grade

Car Detailing Onsite

Interior & Exterior

Pittsburgh Mobile Car & Auto Detailing in the Winter Available!

Many of our Pittsburgh customers receive mobile car and auto detailing, interior and exterior during the winter.

Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

2015 Dodge Challenger Stage 3 Package by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh. Recent Customer.


Good question. Our specialized products are top of the heap in quality, yet eco-friendly which means no pressure water source is needed. This means we can detail your car right where it sits in your garage at home or at work in a parking garage.

We don’t need a huge water truck and we don’t spray the inside of your garage with water, alot of times, the water source may be frozen anyway during those months.

We can detail your cars interior or exterior in your garage and really lay on the protection to keep your car protected from salt and the harsh winters here in Pittsburgh.

We provide discounts to get it done during the winter if you have a heated home garage. If you don’t have a garage, we still can do the interior by itself to make showroom new again or even the exterior if the temperature is just above the freezing point.

Many of our customers still enjoy detailing in the winter once they know we are available to come complete it for them even when the weather is at it’s worse.

Don’t fall in the trap of driving a nasty interior car to work all winter, it always feel better to drive a nice new and showroom like car during your commute to work and back.

Text Detail to Chuck at 412 726 6092 for an easy appointment set up. Texting allows us to better service our mobile car detailing customers in Pittsburgh. Plus much faster. Just include your make and model so we can send you a quote and payment methods are done at the time of your detail via any major card, check, or cash.

If you care about your cars, we care about them too and are award winning multiple years, eco-friendly saving over 100,000 gallons of chemical filled water from entering our cities waterways, and serve over 800 repeat happy customers up to 50 miles around Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thanks for using our mobile car detailing services and we treat your cars like they are going into a car show. Same process!