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Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh – New Car Shipping & Detailing Supplies Service

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

New Car Shipping & Detailing Supplies Service Available Now

At Chuck’s, we’ve taken pride in offering the best quality and convenience when it comes to mobile car detailing in Pittsburgh.

We try our best to be prompt, show up on time, do great work while respecting our customers property, and just be a good business that you want to tell your friends and family about.

That has been the goal first over sacrificing quality by growing teams of detailers so that we can fill more appointments. That would bring more financial benefits to Chuck’s but it also may bring more confusion and a drop in quality sometimes. I can’t succumb to that.

So we have decided to stay the way we are and grow in other aspects.  There are 2 services we starting to add to our services with our love of automobiles.

1. Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport

We have recently started connecting customers in Pittsburgh who wish to ship their vehicle or heavy equipment with independent truck drivers. We are a bridge between the two and we want to use our same customer service oriented style with being able to effectively help customers match up with a truck driver looking for work shipping cars independently.

Our website is FlatEarthShipping.com and we will be growing that as we go.

Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport by Chuck's Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh FlatEarthShipping.com

2. Selling the Same Enthusiast Grade, Eco-Friendly Auto Detailing Products We Use On Over 1000 Customers Vehicles.

We are offering the same products that win us awards detailing and car show prizes to the DIYS(do it yourself) oriented customers.

Here’s the page to check out auto detailing supplies available to purchase

Join Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh when you need your car detailed right at your home or office, or now if you are needing a vehicle shipped to you or you are shipping a vehicle.

We are growing our Flat Earth Car Shipping | Auto Transport like it is a new business so our main focus is to provide service like no other as we grow and become respected. Thanks again for choosing

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh.

We Do Onsite Car Detailing Interior and Exterior in the Winter

At Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh, we want to inform any prospective customers that we aren’t your typical idea of what car detailing is.

You may think we are a huge water tank truck that sprays water like traditional style car washing.

Chuck's Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh

Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh

That’s not the case because we use only the latest,enthusiast grade technology that lets us still give A plus results and quality, but yet be eco-friendly saving over 100 gallons of water per car.

How do we not use water? Each panel is done piece by piece with specialized and tested lubricants and detergents that emulsify lifting the dirt from the paint to be removed.

Once washed, we use a high polymer technology wax and then sealed with a long lasting paint sealant to give a longer lasting protection to your exterior.

We have over 800 happy repeat customers and over a 95% Angies List rating. We care about you and your vehicles. We want you to enjoy the feeling of a like brand new car and experience what we can do to protect it.

Since we don’t spray water, this allows us to be able to do it right where your car sits in your garage making it possible to get it done in the Winter.

Interior or exterior, we can come to your home and detail your car in the Winter season and if you get it done during that time, you will receive a nice discount for getting it done during the slower months.

This will help protect your car from winter salts which will destroy your mats and eat your carpeting,making it almost impossible to recover. Prevent it before it happens with us.

Visit our website at mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com and make an appt. Click the Mini Cooper picture of a customers car after we did it above.You can text or email Chuck there anytime to make an appt for fastest response. Number is on our homepage to text.

Calling is also an option and will call back the next business day if appointments are available.

Thanks much,

Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh

Mobile Detailing Pittsburgh Winter Discount Applied Now

Mobile Detailing in Pittsburgh with Chuck’s doesn’t end just because it’s cold out or winter.

We offer interior detailing, exterior detailing, and both onsite. If you get our Stage 3 Full Detail in January or February of 2015, you get 10% taken off the price!

Here’s why Chuck’s still are able to detail your cars during the winter when others can’t.

  • Because our products are made to be of the highest quality, but eco-friendly, they don’t require a hose or water so we easily do the full detail in your home or work garage if really bad out such as snow or rain.
  • Even if it is just cold, we don’t require water so we can fully protect and wax your paint in sub degree temperatures. We do this often around Pittsburgh during the winter.
  • This will protect your cars value and condition by putting a protective layer of shine on your car to fend off rust and scratches causing road salt.
Mobile Detailing Pittsburgh

Mobile Detailing Pittsburgh

Also, we do interior detailing Monday through Saturday with 10 a.m appointments all year! Sign up today and get your interior to look as new as possible and then completely protected from salt and winter.

We take over 30 specialized products for any job we need during your detail including leather reconditioning,upholstery/carpet/mats stain removal, and stain proofing the carpets,seats,and mats and in cup holders as well.

We also don’t just deodorize it, we use an eradicator that kills germs and and odors that can get inside your cars cracks and vents. This includes ridding the car of previous smokers, accidents, gasoline spill, etc. We’ve done it all and will tremendously help your car as well for a fair price. Plus, we come to you!

Mobile Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s is the way to go for convenience and quality with maintaining your cars value and looks. Make your commutes more enjoyable with that new car look and smell. We only use the best stuff because it makes it easier on us everytime we come back to detail your car and it makes you happier.

Automotive detailing in Pittsburgh can be a hassle sometimes because you have to drop of your car, wait, wait, and wait, then possibly get bad service. Not always, but it’s not out of the question.

This is why Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh is here, with a over 90% customer service rating and Super Service Award winning for Angie’s List.

We come right to where your car is and make the experience easy for you, and offer you quality at a fair price. We do good work so we aren’t the lowest price in town, but our aim is quality and the people that do the work are the same people you signed up with. We do not sub contract out jobs to anyone and we do your car as if it were our own, and we love our cars.

Text Chuck at 412-726-6092 to make a fast appointment for your cars interior,exterior or both now.

Or you can learn more and read about our mobile detailing stages of packages at our website at MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com

Save 10% in January and February always!

Thanks and Happy New Years

Chuck’s Mobile Detailing Pittsburgh