Chuck’s Auto Detailing Pittsburgh Specials For Fridays and Saturdays Only

Chuck’s Auto Detailing Pittsburgh wants to make getting your car detailed the most convenient and quality car care service available. This is why we come to your home or office, use two detail professionals to work on your car at the same time, and use the best tested, eco friendly products available to give you the best job done possible.

We know that there is alot included in the packages and you may not be exactly sure what you need done or want done.

This is why we now offer a special to you that allows you to enjoy

Fridays Special Includes 2 hours of detailing around Pittsburgh at your home or office

  • Receive 2 detail pros getting 2 hours worth of hard work done to your car.
  • You pay $149+tax no matter what car you have. If your car is a big suv, you will pay the same as a small two seater. Difference is, more work in 2 hours will be able to get done to the smaller car.
  • We do what your car needs most in those 2 hours, on both interior and exterior or just one of those if you let us know that is all you care about.
  • We will use our enthusiast grade products on your car and do the most important steps it needs in 2 hours.

Saturdays Special Includes 1 hour of detailing around Pittsburgh at your home or office.

  • For only $99 plus tax, you get the best available products used on your car by 2 detail pros at the same time.
  • In just one hour, you will at least get your car washed and waxed with a very high grade wax, tires and wheels cleaned and protected, and a vacuum and wipe down to dashboard.
  • Perfect if you need to go somewhere and need your car detailed in just 1 hour. Easily sign up for an appointment by texting Chuck at 412-726-6092. Mention our 1 hour or 2 hour special and make it easy on yourself, and enjoy all the benefits of using the best products for your cars appearance and protection.
  • Or visit our website at Now.