Interior Detailing Pittsburgh At Your Home or Office.

Besides from the exterior, we at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh offer the option of interior detailing by itself right at your home or office.

Our recipe for success to earn us an award winning service from Angie’s List is the combination of these things;

  • We do not subcontract work at all. There are many companies that work nationally and hire detailing services in that area last minute to fill their order. While this often ok, you never know who you are getting to give what you paid for. We do everything ourselves at Chuck’s,
  • Use the best products available on earth for our customers while remaining eco-friendly. We save over 30,000 gallons of water annually and we spend the extra money on the best products to assure our customers have the best looking and most protected cars in Pittsburgh.
  • Our interior and exterior detailing service is very convenient and offers are customers up front pricing with no surprises with the ability to text around the clock for quick help. You can simply text the word “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 and get help or set up your appointment for mobile detailing or dropping off your car at our detail shop. Pick a car detailer in Pittsburgh that has a reputation to maintain and wants you to be proud of your car again. Pick Chuck’s for a friendly and quality convenient service right at your door in Pittsburgh,Pa.
Interior Detailing Pittsburgh
Interior Detailing Pittsburgh

Did you know?

Regardless of the weather, we can always detail your interior by itself.  Here’s some of the things we do to your cars interior with the best products. Remember, our detailer products just don’t clean, they are designed to always protect, even your interior.

  • Vacuum
  • Emulsify stains in carpets and mats to lift up the stains out of them
  • Eradicate any odors completely and sanitizing your interior as well.
  • Leather cleaning and reconditioning to bring back and then protect your leather in finest shape for years to come. While bringing out that high end leather smell.
  • No perfumes or allergies as our products are all EPA approved and actually will help allergies or cure any smoke smell from the car instantly. Even after years of smoking in the car. Just ask one of our customers about that and see what they say 🙂
  • Complete wipedown of interior with the highest quality microfiber towels all done by hand and with anti statics to prevent dust buildup and sun damage.
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • All chrome,carbon fiber, or metal polished and protected.
  • Complete interior stain proofing of the mats and carpeting. Spill something after our detail and take a deep breathe, it will not be able to stain anymore from our high end fabric protection process.
  • Also available for the carpeting in your home to be protected from any accidents. Perfect if you have kids or dogs. Keep your carpet newer longer for only $49 a room. Can be done with car detailing at the same time at your home or office.
  • All door jams and trunk jam cleaned and waxed to keep them protected from the elements.
  • And much more

Interior detailing is done in any weather and all year, even in winter time. use us before salt and weather ruin your cars value. or use us as your car detailer to quickly make a car new inside for a vacation, boss coming and it’s a company car, or if you want to surprise a loved one or co worker.

Visit today and be proud of your car again by choosing a top 5% best detailer service around Pittsburgh.