Our Pittsburgh Mobile Auto Detailing Packages In Detail

At Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh, we come to your home or office with top notch, eco-friendly products and clean/protect your car right on site while offering different stages of packages.

Our Stage 1 Mini Detail Starting at $149 gets you your cars exterior, wheels/tires,windows to be cleaned and then treatment of a high quality wax and polish to protect your cars paint from debris that usually can ruin your paint and cars value. If you have a small car or two seater, we will also do a mini interior detail to make it presentable for you. This isn’t included in sedans or anything bigger.

To put it in perspective, our wax is tested to last 4 times longer than your common store bought waxes.

Put it to the test, just wait a couple months and wash your car normally, things that usually don’t come off like bugs,sap,tar will easily peel and slide right off without much effort at all.

Stage 2 gives you the choice between just the interior or exterior.

However, unlike stage 1, stage 2 includes most premium add ons for whichever you choose between interior or exterior. Here is the list of all premium add ons

mobile auto detailing pittsburgh pa
mobile auto detailing pittsburgh pa

Interior Premium Add Ons

  • Stain Proofing all interior carpets,mats,cloth seats(Never get salt stains or stains again. Spill coffee and watch it just bead up on the surface and not soak in ruining your carpets or mats)
  • Complete leather reconditioning(cleaning,conditioning, and a special high end leather cream to rejuvenate it’s smell and replace oils lost from use and protect from sun damage)
  • Eradication/Deodorizing Interior-Forget cheap perfumes that cause allergies, we use a professional eradicator that is used for extreme cases but is also good at killing allergies. If you have any odor like stale smoke, vomit, urine, or any other reason, we will take care of it completely. Believe it or not, we actually got rid of a new car that had an accident of spilling 5 gallons of gasoline in the carpets. We never had a case where we couldn’t rid the odor.
  • Stain removing/Shampooing carpets, mats, and seats. Once we get them as clean and back to new as possible, then like listed above, they are stain proofed to stay that way much longer.
  • Carpet, or plastic painting-If you have damage to your carpet or spots that cannot be cleaned, if can paint it for you if we have a color match for your car. It’s not guaranteed,but we do whatever necessary to fix anything we come across in your interior for you.

Exterior Premium Add Ons All Included in Stage 4 and Most in Stage 2

  • Besides high quality waxes and polishes, we use a compound made to take out surface scratches and minor scratches. Like if you have those scratches by your door handles that is common, we will smooth them out like they never were there.
  • Headlight Haze Restore-Have hazy headlights that don’t come off with just a car wash? We will bring them back to new(and not to come back to hazy again). Be safer at night with bright, like new lights so others can see you better.
  • The difference in our polish and others is that ours actually is formulated to bond with the clearcoat on your paint. This means it will not come off nearly as easily as most waxes and polishes. It will give your paint the utmost protection possible in todays technology.
  • Stage 4 Paint Depth Enhancer-This is a polish shine enhancer that literally gives your paint quality a step up than you can possibly get it. More depth means more quality of paint like you would only see on 100k plus cars. it just gives it that wow factor and you wont’t be able to stop looking at it.
  • Stage 4 paint Protection System-Forget paying $500-$800 at a dealership for paint protection, our paint protection system works as good or better and will make your paint so protected it will feel as slick as silk. And last along time. We have many references who use this package and it does not wear off. Your car will be protected to the max, easier to keep new much longer meaning you will save $1000-$2000 when you go to sell your car eventually.
  • Stage 4 Engine Bay Detail
  • With these premium add ons, you will also save 3 miles per gallon in gas because of how slick and aerodynamic your car becomes. Imagine that, it is tested and does actually do that.

The Stage 3 full detail is our most popular mobile detail package and allows you to get both stage 2 interior and stage 2 exterior combined for the full works. This is ideal to get done and will take 3 hours for a car and up to 5 hours for a large suv.

Save 20% off instantly by giving us two cars at the same time any size both receiving our Stage 3 full detail.

Receive almost all premium add ons inside and out as well with the Stage 3 package.

Stage 4 package is our car show prep package going all out on your vehicle. Included are all premium add ons inside and out, plys the Stage 3 full detail.

You get every single add on above and your car will almost be a full transformation. Turn any car into the best it can be and you can ride right up to a car show of your cars and get all the looks.

You can also add other services and save on your mobile detail around Pittsburgh,Pa. We offer other services with or without detailing including;

  • Installing truck spray in bed liners
  • Plasti Dip your wheels and make them look brand new without the expensive cost of buying new wheels
  • In home carpet stain proofing
  • In home Leather Services for furniture,shoes,jackets,etc.
  • Mobile Detailing Gift Cards
  • And Much More.

Visit our website at MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com now and get a free instant quote by visiting the top of the home page and clicking the link. Only takes a second and get your quote back by a real human instantly. No auto reply crap.




Enthusiast Grade,Eco-Friendly Mobile Auto Detailing In Pittsburgh

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