Convertible Top and Upholstery Mobile Services in Pittsburgh With Chuck’s

Besides mobile auto detailing, Chuck’s in Pittsburgh also provides you with services like installing a new convertible top or interior seat upholstery like changing over your cloth seats to a new leather seat interior.

How we’re different at Chuck’s is the quality and convenience by you never having to take your car anywhere except leaving it at home.

For convertible top installation:

  • Make an appointment at on the convertible top page/tab by emailing.
  • Once we have your info and what you’d like to do, we will give you an instant price quote through email or phone.
  • Once you sign up, we order your new convertible top from multiple options and prices.
  • We then come over to remove your old convertible top and the whole frame to take back to the our shop and begin installing your new convertible top to your frame.
  • Then we bring your new top installed frame back to your home to install it on your car properly.
  • You’re all set! You never have to leave your car somewhere for days that you’re unsure of, or wait to find rides to and from shops.
  • We help you through the whole process and get the right price,convertible top, and service that you were searching for in Pittsburgh.
convertible top service pittsburgh

convertible top service pittsburgh

Same Goes With Our Interior/Upholstery Service;

  • Maybe you have old,worn leather seats and want to upgrade to a newer look and brand new leather.
  • Or maybe you want to switch from black leather seats to tan instead. Or the other way around.
  • Or maybe you have base cloth seats and want to upgrade to leather to increase the value and ride quality of your car.
  • We can help you today. Follow the above steps to make your appointment.
  • We order your new interior and come over to remove and take your seats to our shop. With your car still at home.
  • We then take apart your seats and professionally install your new interior onto your seats frames.
  • Then we bring your new interior seats back to your car and install them perfectly.
Interior Upholstery Services Pittsburgh

Interior Upholstery Services Pittsburgh

We charge a flat rate for our service plus you will need to factor in the cost of the new convertible top or interior seats. We then offer detailing as well in one package as an option if you’d like them all done together without ever moving your car!

We consistently buy cars for our selves to install new leather seats, convertible top, and detailing etc to really make boring cars stand out.

We specialize and always root for using the OEM or the original way the car came from the factory over choosing the aftermarket parts but it will be completely up to your preference.

Visit today and just shoot us an email for any help you need or to get an instant price quote.


Mobile Detailing Is How Pittsburgh Starts Their New Year The Right Way

Just by getting mobile detailing by Chuck’s in Pittsburgh during the month of February, save 10% off your total.

This includes are most popular packages like the Stage 3 full mobile detailing package, and the Stage 2 interior or exterior choice package.

Receive high quality service done to your car and have all work performed inside your home garage, or anywhere access is granted.

We use over 40 specialized, high end detailing products that are made to be used for car shows indoors, and no water is required. Our products are eco-friendly and used by car guys like Jay Leno.

Get the same treatment you’d receive at any good detail shop, except we bring the service of mobile detailing right to your home or office.

That means NO waiting around, finding a ride, dropping off your car, and waiting some more. Our service is about quality work and convenience.

You sit at home or work and get things done or enjoy the down time while we spend 2-5 hours on your car right where it sits. And you are ready to drive away like your car just came off the showroom again.

We have over a 90% customer satisfaction rate and ranked in the Top 5% on Angies List by real members in Pittsburgh.

We love working on your car, but it means alot to us to make you as happy as it gets and make you want to tell your friends and use us any time you need a good mobile detailing service in Pittsburgh.

Save 10% right now and give us a try while February is still here.

Also, save 20% off all year round if you have two or more cars that need fully detailed at the same day and time.

This is a very popular option and perfect for families or workplaces with multiple vehicles or company cars. Typical savings for this is over $100 most of the time. Good way to get it all done at once and save money by us only needing to travel there once.

To make it as easy as possible to make an appointment, text Chuck at 412-726-6092 with the word “Detail” and you can easily get a quick quote and set up an appointment simply from the text.

if you’d like to do a quote yourself now instantly, go to and at the top of the home page, it says get your quote and easily just follow the directions.

Thanks much!


Mobile Detailing Service Pittsburgh