Buy a Nice Used Car From Chuck’s in Pittsburgh at Low Prices

Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing not only love to help customers transform their vehicles right at their homes, but also always are trying to further expand on being able to help them more.

We have dealer only auction access to get prices on quality used cars far below what retail prices are at dealerships.

This service is perfect for someone looking for a reliable and nice used car at a lower price without the stress of negotiating.

We find cars at auction that were trade ins or cars used as an employee vehicle, and get them at the lowest price possible so that you too get it low.

Whatever we get the car for, we add a flat $1000 to the price of the car which allows you to get a much better price than at a dealership.

We aren’t out to make a killing on these cars, everything is transparent. The car will be fixed up what is needed if any, and detailed, ready to be driven by it’s new owner at a price much easier on the wallet than buying from a dealership.

For an example, if the car is worth 10 grand retail and priced at that at a dealership, we will get the car for about 5 or 6 grand. Then after our $1000 fee, you will pay 6 or 7 grand for that 10,000 dollar car.

Everyone wins. We aim to sell them fast with low prices, so email or call fast if you see a current car we have you’d be interested in.

Please remember, our main goal is to help people get good cars for low prices fast, so we don’t offer financing or monthly payments. You must have the cash up front to purchase the vehicle at the low price.

If they don’t sell fast, we will ship them to our partner dealer in California, but you are able to get that good price before it gets shipped to go be sold for retail at our partners.

Just email us if you’d like to buy a nice used car for a certain budget and we find a nice one for you and you will know the price because the lower we get it for, the lower you pay compared to retail. We are on the same team unlike at a dealership.

Email today. We serve only Pittsburgh and aim to help more people not only get details, but have the ability to get prices on cars most don’t offer.

Thanks for using us!