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It is about that time for the full effects of Summer to kick in, and it gets extremely busy for mobile auto detailing.

Our deal to you is if you get 2 or more of your vehicles fully detailed at once, you get 20% off instantly.

If you have two regular sized sedans at $250 each or $500 regularly, it will be $200 each or $400 total. $100 in instant savings!

Here is some of your other options with our mobile auto detailing packages in Pittsburgh.

Stage 4 Car Show Prep Simulation

  • The best of the best in auto detailing.
  • We use over 40 top of the line, enthusiast grade products on your vehicle to not only make it look like it was just new on the showroom, but a crazy amount of protection inside and out.
  • Here’s a few features; stain proofing carpets,leather reconditioning,scratch removal,headlight bright restore,stain removal,whole car buffed with paint depth enhancer, waxes, and a long lasting paint sealant. Engine bay is detailed also.

Stage 3 Full Premium Detail

  • This is our most popular package. Enjoyable enough to give us 23 A Ratings just on Angie’s List alone.
  • Your car will look new inside and out, whatever it is, we got it. Lots of dog hair? Weird odor that won’t go away? Get a scratch or scrape? Go through tar or road paint? None of that stuff will will work going to a car wash or express washing service.
  • You need the serious guys to come in and do it right the first time. Or else you might be calling us after you didn’t get good results from the $79 service.

Stage 2 Interior or Exterior Premium Choice

  • Same as Stage 3 but instead of the full detail, you get the full detail just to your choice of the interior or exterior.
  • Great if you aren’t concerned with either the outside or inside, and just want one done. The price is lower this way.

Stage 1 Exterior Wax

  • If you just want the outside to get a really good premium wax on it after we clean it, this is your package.
  • It’s our least expensive package and takes the least amount of time.
  • Usually, it will only take 2 hours to complete at your home or office.
  • If you want scratches removed or a paint sealant added, go with Stage 2,3,or 4.

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