Garage Cleaning and Painting in Pittsburgh.

At Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh,we take pride in transforming your car or garage. We now offer you garage cleaning and painting around Pittsburgh.

While detailing cars at our customers homes, whether it be in the South Hills,North Hills,Downtown Pittsburgh,Shadyside, Squirrel Hill,Cranberry,Mars,Wexford,Baden,Peters Township, or Upper Saint Clair, we always see garages that need our service.

That’s why we now we want to expand to cars and garages instead of just cars.

We offer different levels for you to choose from like;

Stage 1 Garage Cleaning

We will quote by squared feet and take everything out of your home garage, clean it and then put everything back to be more neat and save you minor space.

Stage 2 includes Garage Cleaning and Minor Organizing

Stage 1 package,except we will hang minior organizing accessories up on the walls to really save major space and made to look alot more appealing.

Stage 3 includes Garage Cleaning,Major Organizing,and Designer Painting Everything But The Garage Floor.

Have alot of bikes,kids toys, sports equipment, and or tools crowding up your garage space?

We will clean your garage and then hang up major space saving accessories to support larger items to seriously save alot of space in your garage and look a lot more organized. Then designer painted with high quality interior paints with the color of your choice. All is painted except your garage floor.

Stage 4 includes Garage Cleaning, Major Organizing,and Designer Painting Your Garage, Floor Included.

Take all Stages above and get the total garage transformation. It will look amazing inside and match the rest of your home. Your floor will be painted and protected to last years with cars on them.

Contact us at our website at and get a free quote today.

We offer our garage cleaning service year round, same with interior and exterior car detailing at your home or office around Pittsburgh,Pa.

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We will get the best quality designer paint based on the colors of your choice.