Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh Discounts by Chuck’s

Here are some of the discounts we do offer you to save some off at Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh.


-Save 20% off your total if you have 2 or more cars for us to complete Stage 3 full interior and exterior details to at the same location and place. This is so popular of an option that we keep this discount available full time for customers to take advantage off and also save them time,money,and energy.

Save 10% off if your car is 1 or 2 years old and needed as a protection detail to really be able to focus on protecting your vehicles like new condition instead of needing extensive cleaning before detailing.

Chuck's Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh

Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh

Currently save on 2014 or 2015 model years, 10% off full detail.

Save 10% off between November and February on any detail package if you have a garage for us to do it in due to the weather being bad. Many of our customers cars are done in their home garages or work parking garages.

We are able to do this as our products are designed for indoor use being eco-friendly and we don’t spray water all over the place or make a mess.

Save 10% off any repeat customer who has used us for their car before. Must be the same vehicle or vehicles we detailed in the past since the 10% is for it being easier for us to do since the protection of the car applied makes a big difference in doing it the next time,even years later.

Thank you to all of our customers past and present who enjoys our service. We appreciate it and feel we have some of the best customers in Pittsburgh.

We have over 800 happy repeat customers around Pittsburgh from the last 4 years and you helped us save overĀ  150,000 gallons of chemical filled water entering the drains around Pittsburghs city and suburbs.

It’s a small part but it adds up and in the meantime,you still get the same great quality and latest technology of shine and protection for your cars interior and exterior.

Text “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 to make an easy appointment and quote for your cars or vehicles.

Or visit our main website at to see a bunch of customers cars around Pittsburgh.

Thanks from Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh and happy holidays.