Stain Resistant Carpet Service In Pittsburgh For Car or Home

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh provides you with a stain resistant carpet service in Pittsburgh for your car or home.

Why Stain Resistant Carpets?

  • If you have dogs or kids,it is beneficial to stain proof them to keep them lasting for years to come without being ruined so easily.
  • They sell carpets that come brand new being stain resistant,but they are pricey and only available if you are going to install all brand new carpeting everywhere.
  • We offer to steam clean,vacuum,and then stain proof your current carpeting to keep it new if new already,and bring back to as new as possible and then make it stain resistant instantly.
  • To tell if a carpet is stain resistant,simply give us a sample piece of carpeting that is junk so that we can treat it and show you how it works on your real carpeting.
  • When anything spills on the carpeting,the liquid runs back and forth and creates a large ball of liquid that sits on top of the surface not allowing the stains to soak in and become stained carpeting in your home or car.

What is the cost of stain proofing my home carpets?

  • It is already included in your Stage 2,Stage 3,or Stage 4 mobile car detailing package and customers love this feature as it protects against harsh winter salt from ruining the carpets and mats.
  • For your home,we charge $49 per room to stain proof it alone.$99 to vacuum and then stain proof it and $149 a room steam clean,vacuum,and then stain proof it. $99 minimum order so 2 room minimum if the $49 package is chosen.
  • For your car,you can easily get a quote on instantly because pricing depends on the size of the vehicle.
  • We offer discounts on bulk room orders for offices or large homes as well. Just text 4127266092 to Chuck for easy appointment set up at your home or office in Pittsburgh.

Can’t I just stain proof my own carpets?

  • Of course. We are a service so we only use the most premium,longest lasting stain proofing agents that are EPA approved to be safe incase your pet were to lick the carpeting.
  • It also lasts much longer and holds up against regular vacuum runs on your carpet and will last all year.
  • It’s good to get done once per year to maintain full effectiveness on the carpeting.
  • Give us a try today and contact us at our stain resistant carpeting section of our website.

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