Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh 2016 Discounts and Deals

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh 2016 Discounts & Deals

This year at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh, we like to add some kind of a special to thank our customers for letting us know they enjoy our services by giving us positive reviews,etc.

There are two options of discounts for you to choose from for all of 2016.

Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh Discounts

Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh Discounts

1. Save 20% off your total if you get 2 or more cars fully detailed. Same day,same location.

This is great for families or businesses with multiple cars. Family members or coworkers can have us do 2 or more of their vehicles at the same place and time saving 20% off the total. This usually is well over $100 in savings instantly. We have over 25 businesses that we look forward to going to that take advantage of this and allow us to take care of their vehicles in the most quality of ways possible.

2. The second discount is for any single vehicle, that includes the Stage 4 Full Car Show Simulation Package.

You’ll get to save 10% off your total if you choose to go all out on your vehicles transformation and protection.

This will maximize your cars protection from exterior debris and interior stains,while preserving your leather seats and enhancing shine on all your car washes. We use the highest quality waxes and paint sealants that is noticeably different compared to good products.

We are about maximizing quality and don’t skimp on it anywhere. But also we are known for convenience and are able to do it at your work,office,or home location so you don’t have to move your car or drop it off and pick up.

Take advantage of your 2016 mobile car detailing discounts in Pittsburgh with Chuck’s by visiting our website at today. Or text Chuck at 412-726-6092 for a quick and easy appointment set up that only takes a couple seconds of your time.

Thanks for choosing us as your service to take care of your vehicle for 2016 and beyond in Pittsburgh!