Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services

Learn About Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck’s

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coating Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck's
Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coating Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck’s (pictured above)


Mobile Detailing Services & Packages Offered Around Pittsburgh For Your Car or Vehicles. 5 Year Car Ceramic Coat is Featured.

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About Chuck’s Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Service in Pittsburgh.

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Being eco – friendly and using products and methods for indoor car shows, many of our clients have us detail their car right in their home garage where it sits, or even at their work place.

As long as it is in a driveway, a garage, or authorized parking lot like at your work, we can do it there for convenience.

If it is street parking, it will need to be not much traffic and not around many cars for us to park also.

We accept appointments through the quote links or you can text “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 anytime. Mobile detailing appointments are Mon – Sat at 10 a.m and usually will take between 3 and 6 hours on average, but will tell you based on your package and vehicle size.

We accept any major card or cash onsite and also have many clients that aren’t home when we do the vehicle where in that case we can set you up with invoicing for payment.

Our goal started 7 years ago with high quality, yet convenient and great service for your car care service needs. Thank you for helping win multiple awards and being a part of us saving over 120,000 gallons of water that would be filled with chemicals from entering our waterways. We use only EPA approved products and use water less products as much as possible.

Stage 1 Exterior Mobile Detailing Package

-1 Year Paint Protection-

Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service
Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service

Stage 1 will focus on your exterior paint, windows, wheels, tires, wheel wells and trim to make it look showroom new and protect it with premium hand waxes and paint sealant to last up to a year.

You have the ability to upgrade in the quote to add scratch removal(Stage 3), and 5 year ceramic coating (glass coating) paint protection option(Stage 4).

Clay Bar Included

Clay bar will take out contaminants in your paint that are deeply ingrained and won’t ever come out with washing your car alone.

It also causes the paint to be much more shiny being smooth and allows for a much better bond for the paint protection agents to last much longer.

Full Paint Correction Buffing (Stage 3 Below)

Improves paint defects  70% – 95% to increase your car’s value ~20%  and remove many swirls, scratches, and paint dulling oxidation Included in Stage 3 Exterior Package.


Ceramic Coating 5 Year Paint Protection(Stage 4)

Lasts up to 5 years and preferably be done indoors at a home garage and will need to not be driven or get wet for 48 hours to fully cure for max results.

Today’s absolute best in technology for protecting your prized possession or car you care about whether new or old. Included paint correction that is mandatory first as it needs to be as perfect as can be before it is “preserved” and glass coated.

Dramatically helps reduce scratches, chips, oxidation, and much easier to clean. No need to wax for 5 years. Included in Stage 4 Package Below.


Stage 2 Interior Mobile Detailing Package

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck's
Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck’s

Stage 2 will focus entirely on bringing your interior back to as new as possible and then protecting anything and everything possible.

No matter what it needs will be included for your interior including full leather cleaning with horse hair and reconditioning that replaces with new & premium leather oils.

if you have fur babies and need odor and dog hair removal, we have you covered and have many clients that use us for this. We do odor removal that goes as far as through the vents also to remove allergens and dust build up also.

Complete stain removal of the seats if cloth and headliner, floor mats, and carpets before they are stain proof protected to keep it as nice as possible longer once as clean as possible.

We will complete the windows inside and anything else including removal, cleaning, and put back child car seats if in the vehicle.

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Stage 3 Full Exterior and Paint Correction  Mobile Detailing Package


Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services
Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services


Stage 3 Exterior Paint Correction (defect and scratch removal) mobile detailing at your home or office.

Your vehicle will look, taken from many customers, “Better than when I bought it.” We will be able to do everything necessary to transform your vehicle onsite right where it sits.

Only 1 vehicle can be done per day, in case you have multiple vehicles for mobile detailing, we can set you up a day for each car to fully get the attention each will need to complete the Stage 3 Detail For Paint Correction.

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Stage 4 Car Ceramic Coat 5 Year Paint Protection Mobile Detailing Package

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services
Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services


Stage 4 Car Ceramic Coating (Glass Coating) Mobile Detailing Packages and Benefits Include;

  • Stage 1 Detail With Clay Bar Plus Stage 3 Paint Correction
  • 5 Year Ceramic Car Coating Application After
  • Extremely Hydrophobic and 3 times more durable than factory clear coat. Much more quality and depth of shine also.
  • Must have for any new vehicle purchase or a car of sentimental or special meaning to you. Much easier to keep nice for much longer in terms of time and years.

This package is great to maximize your vehicles value if you plan on keeping it for  at least 5 years.

In most cases, it will increase the value of your car around 20% which will pay for itself and then make more back for you if selling privately down the road.


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Text Chuck “Detail” for an Appointment to 412-726-6092

Thank you for choosing Chuck’s as your mobile detailing service in Pittsburgh helping us be award winning by Angie’s List and Expertise.