Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection

Buy a New Car? Get Maximum Paint Protection While it is Pristine with Glass Coating Detailing in Pittsburgh Plus Nationwide.

Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection
Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection at


Getting a New Car is The Key Time To Take Advantage of Our 5 Year Glass Coating Detailing Service

Regardless if you bought a new car as is brand new off the showroom new, or bought it used where it’s new to you, there are many benefits to getting it protected the right away right off the bat.

Benefits of Glass Coating Detailing Paint Protection

  • Maintain your new car value the best you can

Everyone knows how much a new car can depreciate when you buy it, but glass coating will “preserve” it for 5 years in it’s best form so that it is worth 20% more than a car that doesn’t get protected from the start.

  • Prevent paint ruining scratches, swirls, embedded bird droppings, and bug guts with glass coating where waxes and sealants fail.

As a mobile detailing service, we bring back many customers vehicles inside and out, but alot of it can be prevented before it happens. This is why I feel it is important to catch you as soon you buy a new car around Pittsburgh, to plant the seed and remind you that now is the ideal time to get it taken care of.

For 5 years, you will enjoy a car that is tough to get scratched, cleans up much easier, doesn’t need waxed for 5 years, and is much easier to see in pouring rain.

  • Clear coat is pretty tough rated at approx 3h, our Glass Coating Service is 3 times more tough at 9h.

If you want to call it glass coating, ceramic coating, or nano coating for cars, there are different levels but ours is extremely hydrophobic and lasts as long as we can possibly find.

If you see a glass coating product that you can just spray on and wipe off, it is not going to last long.

Glass coating that lasts 5 years takes extensive paint prep to be able to get a bond that lasts the full amount of time.

Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection Quick Breakdown In Your Home Garage in Pittsburgh or Nationwide;

  • Wash
  • Clay Bar Whole Car
  • Full Paint Correction Machine Buffing
  • Prep Wipe Down of Paint, Wheels, Windshield
  • Application of Glass Coating
  • Full 48 hours without getting wet to fully cure into glass and last for 5 years. Best time to cure is 2 weeks. However, 48 hours is the minimum.
Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection
Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection at


  • Permanent clear bras will start to fade and get discolored usually where glass coating will wear off after 5 years itself and leave your car looking fantastic.

In our experience, 5 years is the sweet spot of lasting much longer than waxes and sealants, but also doesn’t include the cons of long term permanent solutions that will cost to remove and gets pretty ugly over time.


  • Glass coating that is quality won’t come off with car washes and can only be removed with a high speed rotary buffer.

Don’t fall into any glass coating products that say that you don’t have to clay bar or machine buff it beforehand as there is no chance of it lasting long at all without it.

Our Glass Coating Service assures that your car is getting the correct process to apply ceramic coating which is basically like getting paint correction done with added prep and application of ceramic coating.

  • Is paint correction still needed if the new car I bought is defect free?

Yes, but for the fact that the shine of glass coating is unsurpassed by anything else. It is incredible and stays that way. This is due partially to the actual glass coating but more so that how smooth the paint gets effects the shine quality a lot.

If there are tiny little contaminants in the paint, the light reflects and breaks up, hurting the shine quality.

This is why we always do mandatory clay bar service after your new car is washed to completely remove all hidden contaminants.

Then paint correction buffing will finish the process to make the paint be a candidate to be able to fully reap the incredible benefits of our glass coating service.

  • What is the process to sign up my new car I bought to get it protected with your mobile detailing service in Pittsburgh?

There are several easy ways to make your appointment. Appointment will be at 10 a.m and done at your home garage or anywhere indoors that you have access to as glass coating can’t be done outdoors because of any dust can be locked in to your preserved paint.

However, we offer a 3 year glass wax paint protection option that is more versatile to apply and can be done outside if you have no garage. This is available to Pittsburgh or Nationwide. If outside of Pittsburgh, will also include a travel fee of $1 per mile one way plus the glass coating service quote. Starts at $1,500 per vehicle.

You can put in your make and mode to get a quote right below here or also text Chuck “Glass Coating Service” to easily set up an appt.


Text 412 – 726 – 6092




Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection
Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection


Pictured above is owner Chuck, who will be coming to your home to perform your new car glass coating paint protection detailing service. Thanks so much for using us and we look forward to catching you at the best time to get your car detailed for protection.

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