Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece

At Chuck’s, We Offer a Car Photography Service To Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece With Your Prized Possession Vehicle as The Main Character.  Read on to Learn More.

Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece. Text Chuck “Car Photography Service” to 412 726 6092 anytime.


Chuck’s Mission For Car Photography Service Done Right At Your Home Location:

Working on and around “bad ass” cars is my passion and this service allows me to fully bring together the total package to bring my customer the most happiness and value. I am able to fully combine being able to take a car that is special that you have and bring it to it’s optimal form through paint correction detailing right at your home.

Then, once the paint is as perfect as it can be, it will be high end protected in two options for you to choose from in detail below. Once your car is stunning, you will get a high quality camera shot put into an extra large, acrylic glass artwork masterpiece that will go right up on your wall of your prized possession in it’s best possible form.


I love to transform cars, better yet if it is a car that is special to you. I love to focus working towards a high quality final product that will “wow” you. And wow me also.  This car photography and detail service is my best idea as to the ideal service to get for someone who has a car that they love.

Read on to learn what is included in my car photography service package.


What’s All Included in The Car Photography Service Package For Option A and Option B?

  • Coming to your home or office to complete the exterior detail and photo shoot in most states in the USA. All mileage and gas is included in flat rate package cost.
Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece


  • Full paint correction detailing to decrease paint defects by 70% to 95% to get the paint as close to perfect as possible for the photo shoot.


  • Includes choosing between 2 high end shine and paint protection options. We call them Option A and Option B.


  • Option A is includes rare Brazilian oils of carnauba wax that have an unmatched shine mixed with a rare, high speed sealant that is only found in the aerospace industry. This wax alone costs us $999 for enough to do 1 vehicle. The shine and protection is the way to go for this special photo shoot to be hung up forever.


  • Option B includes 5 Year Glass or Ceramic Coating which is going to be the highest quality shine possible and resists scratches being 9h. This is the real deal kind that we install, and is basically self cleaning for 5 Years, no need to wax or use cleaners on it. Just wash with water. It turns to glass and typically costs $1,500 to $2,000 to apply to the smallest sized vehicle.


  • We rent a high end camera just for the best photo quality to be ready to get a great shot after your vehicle is detailed and looking the best it ever has. We get the best shot possible for the environment your car is in and now it is ready for you to choose one of the photos to be made into the master piece 66″ by 44″ wall art & masterpiece of your vehicle.


  • If you look below, the photo you choose from photo shoot, will go into making this ultra HD acrylic glass wall art of your prized possession. This is valued at about $1,200 to order.


  • Finally, to speed things up and be able to complete it in one day, I pay an assistant and paint correction professional to cut the time in half to be able to work with me so that you don’t need an extra day out of your schedule. This assures everything is done in 1 day. Starting at 8 – 10 a.m, the paint correction and protection process is 8 to 10 hours followed by the photo shoot.


  • I preferably like to be able to get a few day time shots once we complete it, and a few shots when the sun starts to go down to give more options on that perfect, masterpiece shot that you will fall in love with seeing it on your wall for life.


Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece | Example of Finished Artwork Of Your Prize Possession Vehicle – Text Chuck 412 726 6092


I Want To Get This Done To A Vehicle That is Special To Me, What Would Be The Cost of Your Car Photography Service?

The flat rate cost of everything included above is a one time fee of $10,000. We accept any major card or cash as payment onsite. If you are very far away in another state, there might require a travel deposit before and rest paid once we are there to be safe.


Is Where I Live Available to Sign my Vehicle / Prize Possession Up For Your Car Photography Service?

More than likely, yes. Anywhere in the USA that is able to drive to, we will be there for you to be able to be happy with our service creating your special prized possession masterpiece. There isn’t many states or places in the USA we won’t go so be sure to text if you have a special car you’d like to be the main character to creating your vehicle masterpiece in the form of wall artwork.


How Do I Make An Appointment To Get My Prized Possession Detailed, Paint Corrected, Protected, Photographed, and Made into a Wall Hanging Masterpiece of Art?

You can text Chuck “Car Photography Service” anytime to 412 726 6092 or simply visit our website at

Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Car Photography Service | Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece | Chuck pictured above who will be at your door and home to work on your vehicle.

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