Car Protection Service Featuring Glass Coating For Cars

My main passion at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh is to share with you the love of your vehicle or prized possession and offer my experience and skills in premium car protection service. If you would like a quote right away, Get Your Quote Now.

Car Protection Service Featuring Glass Coating For Cars

I would like to layout the different car protection service & packages I offer so that you can choose the best option or you. I go into detail more on each premium mobile detailing package with a link provided on each option.

This is my 7th year of Chuck’s Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh servicing over 1,200 happy customers with multiple awards being won. Your vehicle and business is important to me and I always promise to work on to give you the best quality and convenience possible at your home or office around Pittsburgh, Pa.

Although I come to your home or office around in Pittsburgh, up to around 60 miles away, I go much further for some of the more higher end packages as it can allow me the time and distance to expand my reach offering my premium car protection service.

Car Protection Service Featuring Glass Coating by Chuck's Mobile Detailing in Pittsburgh.
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Car Protection Service Featuring Glass Coating For Cars

5 Year Glass Coating For Cars Package

Car Protection Service Featuring Glass Coating For Cars
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Glass Coating For Cars Service Benefits

***Called Stage 4 Package in Your Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detail Quote Form***

  • Lasts 5 years for exterior car protection.
  • Most premium waxes and sealants only lasts up to a year max in comparison.
  • Reduces chances of paint chips, scratches, swirls, dulling oxidation, and value reducing cosmetic contamination that won’t be removed with regular automotive washes if not protected.
  • The best semi permanent car protection technology available today.
  • Includes full paint correction prior to installation(exterior detail, clay bar, removal of swirls, scratches, and oxidation).
  • Perfect if you just bought a new vehicle and want to keep it as nice as possible, and also ideal if your vehicle is a prized possession to you.  Rare, numbered, collector cars, super cars, and sentimental value vehicles are what glass coating car protection is made for.
  • Starts at $1,500 per car at your home or office.
  • Get Stage 4 Glass Coating 5 Year Package at your home or office almost anywhere in the country that is able to drive to. Learn more about my glass coating service, also called ceramic coating as well.


Project J97 Luxury Car Protection Service Package


Project J97 Luxury Car Protection ServiceProject J97 Rare Paste Wax For Special Cars Pictured. Learn More Now.

Project J97 Luxury Car Protection Service Benefits


  • Created by a strict and respected automotive collector from Japan in which it is used on some of the most expensive, finest, and rarest cars in the world.
  • Costs $800 to $1000 for a small canister of ingredients that aren’t found in anything else.
  • Was tested 97 times before it was approved to be the best possible paste wax it can possibly be by Chemical Guys.
  • It has a 9 stage filtering process that uses natural oils and rare aerospace industry sealants that are made to withstand extremely high speeds of car protection. The shine is a 10 out of 10 and stunning to the human eye of depth and reflection.
  • Our luxury car protection service includes full paint correction exterior detailing to remove all defects, swirls, scratches, and oxidation prior to installing luxury car wax, Project J97 by Chemical Guys. Truly done right the first time and will be perfect to use in our Hysteria Car Photography Package as after the Project J97 package, your car will receive a pro photo shoot and turned into massive, museum grade vehicle artwork for your wall.
  • The Project J97 packs a ton of respect for it’s reputation and price, in which you can have great bragging rights to show and say that it was used on your prized possession during the artwork shot of it on your wall for a lifetime.
  • Duration isn’t as long as glass coating at 5 years, Project J97 is more for luxury shine and high speed protection which still has a duration of a premium sealant of about a year or so depending on use.
  • Starts at $2,000 per car including cost of $800 to $1000 for Project J97 purchase. $1,000 if you buy it yourself prior to appointment.
  • Learn more about my Project J97 Luxury Car Protection Package or Scroll down to learn more about it being included in my Hysteria Car Photography Package as well.


Stage 3 Exterior Detailing & Automotive Paint Correction Service Package


car paint correction / scratch removal / swirl removal

Car Paint Correction Benefits


  • Auto paint correction detailing is the ability to remove 75% to 95% of paint defects such as; swirls, scratches, and dull oxidation to save on a new paint job cost, raise the value of the vehicle around 20%, and creating the strongest possible bond for a car protection service.
  • Without paint correction detailing, it is impossible to get the kind of bond necessary to get multiple years of car protection. My staple is starting with a clay bar during the detailing to remove deeply ingrained contaminants that won’t ever come out with washing the vehicle, then machine buffing and polishing the paint carefully to remove defects without harming the paint.
  • There are fresh layers of paint ready to be exposed underneath the scratches and defected paint, these layers will be revealed right before our car protection packages whether it be 5 year glass coating or luxury wax Project J97.
  • Paint correction detailing typically costs about 3 to 4 times the cost of regular car detailing services. This is included already in glass coating or Project J97 packages as to me there is no point in laying down such durable and shiny protection if the paint isn’t corrected first. Or else those scratches and swirls will be locked in and protected as well.
  • Cost starts at $600 and up.
  • Get a paint correction quote or learn more about it at my website to see real customer car examples.


Stage 1 Exterior Mobile Auto Detailing Service Package

(Stage 2 is Interior Only So Not Discussed Here at The Car Protection Service Guide, But Is Available In The Quote Form For You)

Exterior Auto Detailing / Car Waxing
Customer’s Honda Accord Getting my Stage 1 Exterior Mobile Detail Package At Their Office.


Stage 1 Exterior Auto Detail Benefits by Chuck’s


  • Includes exterior detail with premium clay bar to remove deeply ingrained dirt and contaminants that can’t be removed with car washes no matter how many times it is gets done.
  • Includes a premium sealant and auto wax to give it a solid 1 year car protection for you to enjoy easier washes and maintenance.
  • All premium exterior detailing completed in our economic friendly method made to be able to do at your home or office. This allows us to use much less water to made for indoor car shows, home garages, or business parking lots where it won’t soak cars nearby or look distracting.
  • Your vehicle will look showroom new when done, after detailing to all windows inside and out, paint, trim, metal, wheels, tires, wheel wells, and headlights.
  • Includes headlight brightness restore to see better at night and prevent as much moisture from hazing them later.
  • Rain will bead up on paint and windows in a hydrophobic manner to let water, dust, and dirt effortlessly fall off your vehicle instead of sticking to be baked in by the sun causing UV damage eventually if not protected.
  • Our entry level car protection service package, but still premium so not any quality will be sacrificed with Chuck’s. For scratch removal, remember to select Stage 3 package instead of Stage 1.
  • Price starts at $250 for smaller vehicles and up to $300 or more for extra large exteriors. We don’t offer basic car washes if you were just looking for a quick mobile wash, all of my packages are for maximum car protection for you to keep value high on your ride.
  • Get Stage 1 Exterior Mobile Detailing Quote


Hysteria Vehicle Artistry / Automotive Photography Package


Vehicle Artistry and Car Photography


Hysteria Vehicle Artistry / Automotive Photography Benefits


  • The ultimate passion of mine to share yours and my love of your prized possession to give me the opportunity to create something truly special for you to have for a lifetime.
  • The final product will be  an extra large 66″ by 44″ acrylic glass in ultraHD wall art piece with museum grade quality framing of your prized possession from the day it was worked on by me.
  • To get the best photo possible, I will get to your home or office and it will receive Stage 4 Exterior Detail, Paint Correction, and your choice of either 5 Year Glass Coating or Project J97 car protection service options.
  • After it is corrected and protected to look stunning as it sits, it will get a professional photo shoot where you will choose your favorite shot that you will love to see on your wall.  I will then turn that shot into the largest and best quality art piece as possible for you to have for a lifetime with your special prized possession sitting in it’s cosmetic prime.
  • I travel anywhere that can be driven to in the country which is included in the package.  if you have a special car or prized possession, this is the package you will love, and anyone you know that appreciates cars or artwork, will have to see this on your wall.
  • The cost including premium detailing, paint correction, luxury car protection service, photo shoot, and the extra large wall piece will be $9,997 total.
  • There may need to be a deposit to sign up as I travel across the country to create this piece for you and this guarantees appointment even in case you need an emergency reschedule or cancel.
Automotive / Car Photography
Example quality and size still without framing yet of final product of your prized possession.

Do It Yourself All in 1 Wash and Wax With No Hose – Detailing Kit Crimson Shield


Do It Yourself Car Wash and Wax Detailing Kit
Free Shipping in USA

Crimson Shield Detailing Kit Benefits

  • Includes 1 gallon black bucket
  • 32 oz waterless car wash and wax spray
  • 8 Oz concentrate wash and wax to mix in bucket of water.
  • 4 premium microfiber towels.
  • Instantly ready with free shipping in the USA to receive in your mail to completely wash and wax your car all in 1 step without the need for a hose.
  • Packed with detergents, polymer waxes, sealant for protection, and hydrophobic ingredients to wash and protect your vehicle at the same time.
  • You can use the spray bottle on all interior and exterior to clean while wiping dry to protect. The kit is $49.99 with free shipping.
  • Makes the surface protected and slick to keep your car looking detailed right at your home with no hose needed. Use a microfiber towel that is soaked in the bucket to wash the car, and a dry microfiber towel to buff dry to a shiny and protected finish. Use half the 8 oz bottle for each bucket and use a 2 bucket system to keep your bucket solution clean to save product and wash and wax your car many times. To protect your car longer, wash first and clay bar, then do the same process to get a longer lasting wax job.
  • Buy Crimson Shield Detailing Kit Now For $49.99 or for a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for car lovers you know.

Thanks for reading and using Chuck’s At Home Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh for your car protection service needs.

Text Chuck “Detail” (412) 726 – 6092 for quick appointment for any package Stage 1 to Stage 4.

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