Scratch and Swirl Paint Defect Removal For Cars

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh offers the best way possible to increase the value of your vehicle right at your home or office through car paint correction. Also known as;


Scratch and Swirl Paint Defect Removal For Cars
Customer’s Jaguar XK R Getting Our Stage 3 Paint Correction Package to Remove Swirls and Scratches.

Scratch and Swirl Paint Defect Removal For Cars


What Are The Benefits of  Your Paint Correction Car Detailing Package to Remove Scratch and Swirl Paint Defects?


Most cars have a great deal of swirls, scratches, holograms, and paint defects that are caused by car washes and environmental factors. These cause paint protection to not be able to bond nearly as good making waxing and sealing not stay on your car’s exterior.

Also, the swirls and scratches reflect light, causing your paint to be dull where no amount of car washes are going to be the solution to it.

By implementing paint correction services, those scratches, swirls, holograms, and oxidation being removed 75% to 95% will show an incredible difference in results for a very long time to your vehicle or prized possession.

The defects in your paint can be removed in micro layers to reveal fresh and pristine layers of paint that will start you fresh and not need to spend the cost of a brand new paint job.  Once you receive our standard or advanced paint correction service at your home or office,  we will install premium paint protection whether it be 1  year wax and sealant, or 5 year car ceramic coating.

To receive our 5 year ceramic coating service, it is mandatory to include our advanced paint correction first anyway to remove all of your car’s paint defects like swirls, scratches, and holograms as much as possible before it is protected the correct way.  This is the best way to increase the value of your vehicle and keep it the easiest possible to keep clean and nice.

Scratch and Swirl Paint Defect Removal For Cars

As an example above, our customer has a nice, low mileage Jaguar in which he didn’t even want to drive it in the day time because of the swirls and scratches in the black paint. He only would drive it at night when he couldn’t see all of the paint defects that made him feel bad about the car, even though it is an amazingly nice car, it just needed to be paint corrected and he let us do our advanced paint correction package on it.

If your car is already clean and detailed, this process will take about 5 or 6 hours to complete, or about 8 or 9 if it needs detailed first to the exterior.

Our standard paint correction package will be of machine polishing in the range of 75% paint defect removal after clay bar and paint prep to reveal a near perfect appearance of your car’s exterior for years to come.

If you get advanced paint correction, we will add an extra step to remove more defects with stronger cutting capabilities to really attack more defects without removing the important UV protection of the factory paint. Both options will be effective and show huge results. However, the advanced will be a bit more costly and show more results.

You have the option of adding our 5 year glass coating paint protection service also as it will be ready to be done once it is paint correction anyway, removing all swirls, scratches, holograms, paint defects, and oxidation first.

We use machine buffers, premium cutting and polishing products, and professional LED lighting to see defects you can’t see with the naked eye. Our goal is to safely remove all paint defects that can be removed without sacrificing important UV protection from the factory as this is the last line of defect removal capabilities before it isn’t wise anymore to go further.

Paint correction services by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh is the best thing you can do to see the biggest results for the longest time to raise the value of your vehicle.

Scratch and Swirl Paint Defect Removal For Cars
Customer’s Escalade that was covered in swirls and scratches after receiving our Stage 3 Paint Correction.

As an example, you can see this Escalade has over 100,000 miles and the black paint was dulled and full of swirls, scratches, and holograms. After our paint correction services to remove 75% to 95% of paint defects, it now looks pristine again for years to come.

The paint protection we apply lasts much longer because of the smooth, defect free surface to be able to protect against future swirls and scratches much better.

This will allow you to be proud of your cars again and be much easier to keep them like new while you have it. If you decide to sell it, the buyer will be much more willing to pay the upper end of the value because of the condition of the paint, where most cars are trashed when you look close and the value is lower.

If your car is very new or doesn’t have much swirls or scratches yet, our Stage 1 Exterior Mobile Detailing package is great to receive a clay bar after detailing to remove all of the deeply ingrained dirt that will never be removed by washing your car. Then a 1 year paint protection is included after that to really give your exterior the premium protection that it needs. If you really love your car or if it is a prized possession, I recommend 5 year ceramic coating.

Our 5 year ceramic coating isn’t the cheap stuff you see in stores that can just be sprayed on and sprayed off, this is the concentrated, professional grade that chemically will preserve your car in it’s best condition to truly be ceramic where it dramatically will improve resistance to getting swirls, scratches, defects, and holograms in the first place. Plus it helps against getting chips as well better than any waxes or sealants ever could.

To make a mobile detailing appointment for your car, simply text Chuck or get an email quote for free at our website at Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh. Thanks!

Scratch and Swirl Paint Defect Removal For Cars by Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh

Scratch and Swirl Paint Defect Removal For Cars



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