Amsoil Dealers in Pittsburgh – Best Motor Oil & Filter

Learn more about Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing choosing AMSOIL as their choice as providing the best engine protection possible to their customers who care about their cars in Pittsburgh.

AMSOIL Dealers in Pittsburgh – Best Motor Oil & Filter

See why Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Chose AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Below Or


Amsoil Dealers in Pittsburgh - Best Motor Oil & Filter
Only 1 oil change needed per year, or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.


How Chuck’s Mobile Detailing in Pittsburgh Chose AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil First


As a detailing service that focuses on quality and convenience in Pittsburgh, it don’t just stop with paint correction and paint protection for cars.  Protecting your engine is really important to anyone that cares about their vehicle, especially if you like maximum performance that can be noticed.

For my personal Saleen Mustang, I always used what I thought was the best motor oil from your usual auto parts store. I thought using Royal Purple for my supercharged mustang was the best route to take, but wanted to try others first before I offer it to my customers in Pittsburgh. I wanted to make sure I hands down only offer the greatest motor oil and oil filter you can get. 2nd best isn’t an option to go along with our passionate detailing services of correcting and protecting cars paint.

I did some research and saw a side by side comparison of the best motor oils you can buy. It was what I used, Royal Purple against Amsoil and was I shocked and blown away at the results.

Amsoil Dealers in Pittsburgh - Best Motor Oil & Filter
AMSOIL Dealers in Pittsburgh = Best Motor Oil by Chuck’s Mobile Detailing


Believe it or not, really used and dirty Amsoil synthetic motor oil lubricant flows better and is more efficient at protecting your engine than brand new, out of the quart Royal Purple. I was wondering why I haven’t used this motor oil yet and wondered if it was that effective to notice a real change in driving the car.

So I ordered my Saleen Mustang the best signature series 7 quarts Amsoil has and the 25,000 mile oil filter also.

The next day, I didn’t think just an upgrade in oil would have any real noticeable changes, but again, I was wrong. My relative, a mechanic and myself noticed the engine sounding better immediately. I drove it and the throttle response was more crisp, and after a 200 mile drive to Ohio, the MPG increased by almost 1 mile per gallon.

The mustang feels like a completely different car in the best of ways with the upgraded synthetic Amsoil motor oil and 25,000 mile oil filter.  It is more crisp, aggressive, responsive, and obviously feels more efficient.

View Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing AMSOIL Motor Oil section to order yours with oil filter included today.


Amsoil Dealers in Pittsburgh - Best Motor Oil & Filter
75% better engine protection with Amsoil. Increased throttle response, power, gas mileage, and less changed needed.

AMSOIL Dealers In Pittsburgh – Other Products Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Offers To You as a Commercial Business or For Your Personal Use















  • Commercial Products










Who Are AMSOIL Products For as an Example? Just to Name a Few..



Amsoil Dealers in Pittsburgh


  • Auto Enthusiasts
  • Turbodiesel Pickup Enthusiasts
  • Motorcyclists
  • Anglers and Hunters
  • Farmers and Ranchers
  • Auto Parts Stores
  • Auto Service Garages
  • Delivery Fleets
  • Lawn and Landscape Professionals
  • Car Clubs
  • Engine Builders
  • Friends and Family
  • Co-Workers
  • Quick Lubes
Amsoil Dealers in Pittsburgh - Best Motor Oil & Filter
You don’t have to race to enjoy increased performance, AMSOIL makes your daily driver run at it’s pinnacle.


Does Chuck’s Mobile Detailing Offer Mobile Oil Changes in Pittsburgh?


No, considering AMSOIL requires you to only get the engine protection upgrade once per year or 25,000 miles, we will sell you the best motor oil possibly available that fits your vehicle to take to get done at any oil change place. Then you are all done for the year or every 25,000 miles.

Instead of needing an oil change quarterly or about 4 times a year, save time and money getting the very best one time done right at your home.

The package includes The Amsoil premium motor oil in the quarts your vehicle needs, the AMSOIL oil filter good for 25,000 miles also plus fuel system cleaner that is effective at keeping fuel injectors spraying properly for best performance. Finally, included is coming to your home or office and doing a high performance oil change.



(synthetic lubricants, fuel additives, filters, cleaning products, and much more.)


Amsoil dealers in Pittsburgh are easy to find, but Chuck’s already protects and corrects his customers vehicle’s, and Amsoil was the only choice for the best in engine protection. I am passionate firsthand about what I find effective with anything, but especially when it comes to cars and performance.

I appreciate you choosing us to get your premium Amsoil products.

Visit to learn more about mobile car detailing, paint correction, 5 year ceramic coating, and more!

Also text Chuck (412) 726 – 6092 to make an appointment for detailing or to order AMSOIL products to protect your cars the best way the first time.

I will help you personally via text get what you need. Thank you!


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