Vehicle Paint Protection Services – Cars, Trucks, SUV, RV

At Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing, Paint Correction, and Ceramic Coating in Pittsburgh, the passion for paint protection to keep your car nice and you happy is what fuels our exterior detailing packages.

All Stage 1 through Stage 4 mobile detailing packages are done at your home or office around Pittsburgh, Pa. Chuck is who will be working on your vehicle pictured below.

Vehicle Paint Protection Services For Cars, Trucks, SUV, and RV


Vehicle Paint Protection Services – Cars, Trucks, SUV, RV

By Chuck’s Mobile Car Detail Pittsburgh


Paint Protection Service Options


Stage 4 Ceramic Coating Service – 5 Year Paint Protection Service


Vehicle Paint Protection Service - Cars, Trucks, SUV, RV

The pinnacle paint protection available today for your car is our 5 year ceramic coating exterior detailing package.

For a coating to last 5 years, it will need to be extensively prepped first to be able to create the best bond possible.  This will include Stage 3 Paint Correction Package to get the paint to as perfect and defect free as possible. This will include removing scratches, swirls, oxidation, rain spots, holograms, and any deeply ingrained dirt that will never be removed by washing alone.

The 5 year ceramic coating is basically a more efficient chemical than the factory clear coat. It is resistant to scratches, oxidation, chips, and dirt far better than factory clear coat, all while having much more advanced levels of depth, gloss, and ease of cleaning.

This package is ideal for any car that you would like to increase the value to a good deal, or to bring it back to it’s best possible cosmetic condition of paint, while keeping the original paint and value as opposed to getting a new paint job.

This package is $1,500 for most vehicles, except the ultra large ones. Includes the Stage 4 Ceramic Coating Service Detailing Package and coming to your home garage to complete it in one full day. Includes using a chip card onsite also.

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Stage 3 Paint Correction Detailing – 1 Year Vehicle Paint Protection Service


Vehicle Paint Protection Service - Cars, Trucks, SUV, RV

Paint correction detailing is premium detailing that will restore and fix your dull and defected paint.  Many cars need this, and will increase your vehicle’s value more than any other cosmetic service possible.

Automatic car washes are a big cause of getting many swirls or spider web scratches in your paint, which will make it dull and reflect a ton of light and gloss while making it hard for any protection such as wax or sealants to get an effective bond.

Paint correction detailing removes microscopic layers of clear coat to get to the layers that are fresh and free of defects. You can do it dangerously or safely, as removing too much or too little will not be ideal. The combination of buffing pads and compounds to work with buffing machines are different for results for each type of hard or soft paint.  Knowing which works best for what comes with experience in paint correction. This is our passion to transform your vehicle and make it the best it can possibly be.

Getting a new paint job is your other option, which is more expensive and makes it harder to sell if you ever were going to. People will wonder why it required to be painted, or if something is being hidden.

Paint correction detailing will be less expensive and can be at your home, but the results will be dramatic and your paint will still be the original paint on your vehicle to increase it’s value to the max. Cost will start at $600 per car and up. Most cars and small suv will be that price, only the largest vehicles will be more. There is standard option and advanced option depending on the amount of results you’d like to choose from. The standard option is usually all that is needed to make a huge change in results. The value of your vehicle will increase fat behind the cost of paint correction detailing.

After your vehicle’s exterior gets a clay bar and premium detail, next it will get paint correction and then 3 levels of protection which will be bonded very efficiently to your fresh revealed paint. To be specific, two sealants will be used(one for depth and gloss enhancing, one to slick the paint to repel dirt and bugs) plus finished with a premium wax on top of those.

To learn more about paint correction detailing services at your home or office, visit our website now.

   Stage 2 Interior Mobile Detailing Package – No Paint Protection Included


Vehicle Paint Protection Services - Cars, Trucks, SUV, RV
Text “Detail” to Chuck at 412 726 6092 anytime for appt or quote.

Our Stage 2 Interior Detailing Service with Chuck’s is total focus on bringing your car’s interior back to as new as possible, and then protecting it to the max to keep it nicer for you longer.

Regardless of what it needs is included including coming to your home or office, dog hair removal, leather cleaning and conditioning, cleaning of headliner, smoke odor removal, any kind of odor removal, dust and allergy through vents removal, stain proofing mats and carpeting for protection, and getting into the cracks restoring dull trim and plastic from the sun.

You can be sure everything will be done possible to get your interior looking and smelling fantastic to make your commute more enjoyable.

It’s easy to set up and make an appointment, simply text Chuck “Detail” or go to our quote page to make an appointment. Minimum appointment cost will be $300 for the package, everything included using a chip card.

Stage 1 Exterior Mobile Detailing Package – 1 Year Vehicle Paint Protection Service


Vehicle Paint Protection Services - Cars, Trucks, SUV, RV

Starting at $300 per minimum appointment as well, Stage 1 Exterior Detailing Package is our entry level package, but far from entry level.

The exterior will receive not only full exterior detailing and 3 levels of protection to make it look show room new and protected, but also will receive stand alone scratch removal along with paint correction done to the front end(hood, bumper).

This is where the majority of the air, bugs, and dirt will hit and ruin your paint eventually if not protected. We will paint correct that area to be as new as possible and then give it great protection. The rest of your vehicle will be detailed and protected. To get full paint correction to the whole vehicle for dramatic results, see Stage 3 Paint Correction Exterior Detailing Above.

Stage 1 Exterior is about half the cost of Stage 3 and will be more or so spot treated to fix the paint defects in the most important spot or 2. Along with removing those eye soar scratches that can be removed, or paint transfer that won’t come off with washing. This also will include the removal of paint over spray or line paint that gets stuck on your car when they paint the roads.

Text us to get it done safely and professionally without harming your vehicle’s paint.

Included is amazing 3 levels of paint protection for your vehicle as well after it is detailed. This can all be done the eco – friendly way right at your home or office up to 50 miles or so around Pittsburgh. Further if you choose Stage 3 or Stage 4 packages.

Chuck’s passion is to make our customer’s happy with quality work transforming your car with the convenience of doing it where you so that you can focus on work or things you need to do instead of waiting in a lobby or finding a ride. Chuck has started his own service 7 years ago in late 2011 and has over 1,300 happy customers in Pittsburgh and an A rating on Angie’s List.

Vehicle paint protection services are what Chuck’s is about regardless of what Stage you choose, you are going to get passion and quality along with high end car detailing products use on your vehicle.

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Engine Protection | Synthetic Motor Oil | Mobile Oil Change Service in Pittsburgh


Mobile Oil Change Pittsburgh
Amsoil Signature Series – The Best Motor Oil In The World, Hands Down.

Engine protection is achieved by researching and using yourself the very best motor oil possible. This is why Chuck’s Mobile Detailing is an authorized independent AMSOIL dealer in Pittsburgh.

We didn’t become that for no reason, AMSOIL is by far the best motor oil for engine protection available in the world.

The immediate results are noticeable yourself from throttle response to sound of engine to gas mileage improvements to less oil changes needed saving money.

Signature Series Motor Oil by Amsoil is what we offer in our mobile oil change service offered in the Fall and Winter months because it is the best and requires only an annual mobile oil change or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. You don’t have to bother changing your oil every 3,000 miles and spending a lot of time waiting in lines and getting sub par engine performance. Just do it right the first time, starting now and use AMSOIL Signature Series.

The proof is in the endless amount of comparison testing to other leading motor oil brands. We used to use Royal Purple in our own Saleen Mustang, boy was that a waste of time. Once AMSOIL Signature Series was used in it, it was like a different car and the sound of the engine just driving it sounds like it is much happier now. The performance and gas mileage is results you can see and feel in facts,  no guesswork.

That is why we chose AMSOIL to offer the best in engine protection services with our mobile oil change in Pittsburgh. You can also buy Amsoil Signature Series Motor Oil for gasoline and diesel engines yourself through us easily.

Just visit our AMSOIL page here or contact us and we will guide you to the exact AMSOIL engine protection product and oil filter that is needed for your exact vehicle.

Car Paint Correction Detailing At Home Pittsburgh
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Chuck’s Mobile Detailing and Paint Correction For Your Vehicle Paint Protection Service Needs Along With Engine Protection.


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