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Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh comes right to your home or office location to complete your paint correction and ceramic coating paint protection needs for your vehicle.

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Ceramic coating detailing | paint correction service Pittsburgh

If you are unsure of what paint correction or ceramic coating is, I will give you insight on to the benefits of both and why these are the best car detailing options possible.

Paint correction detailing raises the value of your vehicle by removing many defects(car wash swirls, paint scratches, oxidation dullness, deeply ingrained dirt that prevents protection bond, and many others including rain spots and sun fading).

Where regular exterior detailing will clean and protect the current condition of your vehicle, paint correction fixed your paint to levels closely matching a new paint job without the high costs of a new paint job.

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh can also complete paint correction detailing right at your home or office, where usually this would happen at a body shop location. This means less waiting rooms or finding rides for you.

Paint correction detailing makes a dramatic change in results to your car that lasts as long as you avoiding automatic car washes and wiping with less than ideal towels to maintain it.

Chuck’s Paint Correction Detailing offers two options for you that either can fix the paint enough to make it look amazing, yet preserve factory clear coat so that it can be corrected more times in the future. Or the second option is to chase show quality perfection of your paint that can be done a couple times in the vehicles life, where more clear coat is used to remove deeper defects in your car.

More than likely, if you never had your car paint corrected before, it could use it even if to the eye it looks like it is fine.  But if it looks scratched up, more dull, hard to keep clean, it is time to get it done. Especially if it is a vehicle you care about or plan on keeping for a while.

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Just Purchased a New Car? Get Maximum Paint Protection With 5 or 12 Year Ceramic Coating ASAP. Npw’s the time to do it.


new car purchase paint protection - ceramic coating
Text Chuck (412) 726 – 6092 for ceramic coating quote.

These vehicles below are customers of ours that just purchased a new vehicle and immediately had Chuck’s come to install 5 or 12 year 9h ceramic coating to all of the exterior, wheels, and key interior parts that receive the latest and best technology available in protecting your prized possession new car.

There isn’t anything else out there currently that is more durable and a quality depth of shine than our 5 and 12 year ceramic coating detailing options in Pittsburgh or up to 100 miles around.

If you want the pinnacle in paint protection for a newly purchased car, Chuck’s Ceramic Coating service is done right at your home or office.

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Other Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Services or Premium Products Available

Chuck’s also offers a vast array of premium car care products from Amsoil as an authorized independent dealer including; wash and wax, window cleaner, oil filters, firearm lubricants, racing oil, synthetic brake fluid, synthetic power steering fluid, premium antifreeze / coolant, fuel system cleaners, hydraulic oil, and much much more.

Simply visit our website at MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com

and find what you’re looking for whether it be mobile car detailing for your interior or exterior, paint correction, ceramic coating detailing services, paint protection for a new car purchase or used, Amsoil premium car care products, synthetic motor oil or engine protection, or other auto detailing supplies that we love to use ourselves that you can buy to use yourself.

Text Chuck (412) 726 – 6092 for any mobile detailing quote around Pittsburgh. Just mention paint correction or ceramic coating for a quote on those faster.


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