Ceramic Coating Service for your Car Interior and Leather in Pittsburgh

Award winning exterior ceramic coating service in Pittsburgh, Chuck’s now offers top notch protection for your car, suv, or truck interior and leather.


Ceramic Coating Service for your Car Interior and Leather in Pittsburgh
Text Chuck “Interior Ceramic Coating” for Quote or Appointment Setup to (412) 726 – 6092.


Benefits of Getting Your Car, Suv, or Truck Chuck’s Interior and Leather Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh


  1. Provides the latest and most advanced hydrophobicity, wear, and UV protection to keep your car interior protected like never before while looking better than it ever has for years to come.

1a. Your trim and painted pieces in interior will machine polished to get rid of them contact scratches that happen from daily use so that after ceramic coated, will be much more glossy and resistant to contact scratches.

1b. Your vinyl, steering wheel, plastic, and dashboard will look better than new and stay that way being protected from fading, spills, and cracking much better than how it comes,

1c. Your vehicle interior that has leather seats will be ceramic coated made specifically for leather surfaces that will resist uv cracking and fading, plus stains if you have children.

1d. Once completed, easily take a UV light and see the glowing ceramic coating protection at night as it will remain there for years and able to be traced.

2. Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh has done hundreds of exterior ceramic coating services to client’s new and used vehicles. Chuck specializes in ceramic coating installations as to be completed correctly, paint correction detailing is necessary for proper prep work prior to a surface being ceramic coated with a PRO quality concentrated formula.

2b. Now available besides exterior is the ability to get ceramic coating service to the interior of your car also after full interior detailing prior to coating. Getting leather ceramic coating service is optional to add on as well.

3b. If you decide you would like exterior and interior ceramic coating service done to your vehicle, it just need to be split up into two individual appointments and complete interior ceramic coating service while the exterior has to cure for 48 hours anyways.

How Does an Exterior or Interior + Leather Ceramic Coating Service Appointment work With Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh? MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com


Depending on your preference, you can get a quick email quote at Chuck’s website above or simply text “Ceramic Coating to either Exterior or Interior” to (412) 726 – 6092.

Car Interior and Leather Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh - Mobile Detailing Chuck


Mobile detailing apppointments in Stage 1 Through Stage 3 are at 10 a.m at your home or office, while Interior and Leather Ceramic Coating Service is at 8 a.m. Same with all Exterior Ceramic Coating options at your home or office.

While interior ceramic coating doesn’t have to cure longer than an hour, it will be ready to drive after an hour or 2 of cure time once completed.

However, exterior ceramic coatings need a total of 48 hours of cure time out of the rain or being driven as this is how to get 7+ or 9+ years of paint protection which is currently the longest duration I can find. As of when this is being written.

Ceramic coating is over 3 times more glossy and durable than your vehicle’s factory clearcoat protection.

If it is new to you, many of my clients were the same way, but once they got it done to one vehicle, they always tell me to just instantly sign them up with any new vehicle they get. It’s a no brainer once you see the levels of difference ceramic coating offers to all other forms of protection. This is why Chuck’s Detailing focuses on it, because it is the best there is for my client base when completed properly.

When you get this service completed, you can see at Chuck’s website what is done by first looking at paint correction packages. I will provide a link below for you to see. This gets done after your car has been detailed (washed, clay bar. paint prep process)

Paint Correction After Detailing and Prior to Ceramic Coating Being Completed Link

Next, after that you can see Chuck’s ceramic coating service benefits in more detail to what was listed in this blog post. That will be all completed to your vehicle either way if you choose interior ceramic coating service or exterior.

Ceramic Coating Service Benefits in Pittsburgh With Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing

Thank you for reading and being a cherished client of Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh to give the best results possible to your vehicles.


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