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Mobile Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh By Chuck’s

Here’s Some Quick Facts Before You Make An Appointment

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Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck's
Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s
  • We are an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner and are in the top 5% best auto detailing services in Allegheny and Washington counties around Pittsburgh.


  • We have over a 90% customer satisfaction rate and A Rating on Angie’s List.
  • We combine convenience, ease of service along with quality products and detailing experience. Including interior and exterior detailing services.


  • Have the detailing done right at your home or office to fit your schedule. No hassles or worrying about finding rides or when your car will be done.


  • No sticker shock. Once we quote you instantly, the deal is done and we won’t surcharge you once we get there based on color or how expensive the car is or anything else. We are fair to all of our customers.


  • We use eco-friendly and the highest grade waterless products on the market. This allows us to give your car the best results we possibly can, and allows our job to be easier the next time you are scheduled for a full detail.


  • We offer the option of Stage 1 Exterior or Stage 2 Interior for mobile detailing. With Stage 3 being Exterior Paint Correction and Stage 4 being Exterior 5 Year Ceramic Coating Paint Protection.


  • If you have a coupe or sedan, it is possible to combine both Stage 1 Exterior and Stage 2 Interior, but if larger, we focus on one or the other at a time. You can always schedule the other side of focus another day. For us to give the very best in results and quality, this works best.


  • Some customers like during winter, just want their interior detailed. You can get just that. Or if you maintain your interior, and want just the exterior, we also got you covered.


  • We offer other services besides detailing to further make your life easier by combining them into one service.


  • While you get a detail, you can get;


  • Paint protection or paint correction.
  • Scratch Removal(Swirls, scratches, oxidation to boost value of your car ~20%)
  • 5 Year Ceramic Coating For Cars – Best in Paint Protection We Have.
  • Headlight Brightness Restore
  • Engine Bay Detailing


  • Do it yourselfer or looking for a gift?  We offer our own premium all in 1 detailing product for interior and exterior called Crimson Shield. Get it at Makes for a great stocking stuffer for car enthusiasts or anyone who just loves a like new car that’s protected.


  • And many many more. To see them all, be sure to check out the top link on our website now at It will say get an instant quote and take you to our form to get a free quote based on what all you need done.


  • We also manage your fleet of vehicles interiors. We currently do a fleet of 25 and it really improves the professionalism and morale of your workers and customers having new interiors at all times for them to drive.

Text Chuck at 412-726-6092 to make appointment.

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