2005 Saleen S281 SC In Legend Lime With 8,000 Miles

Here is some info on our mascot at our detail shop, Mr.Grinch.

He is a 2005 Saleen S281 SC in Legend Lime with 8,000 Miles.

Stock is 400 horsepower at 5 lbs of boost in supercharger.

Now Has 570 horsepower and 480 at the wheels by dyno sheet.

2005 Saleen S281 SC 480 RWHP

2005 Saleen S281 SC 480 RWHP

Professionally modded and installed/tuned by Mike at Wolfpack speed in Robinson and John Lund Racing.

2005 Saleen S281 SC Mods:

  • 3.4 Supercharger Pulley to 11.5 Lbs of Boost
  • Kenny Bell Boost-a-Pump
  • SCT Tuner and Custom dYNOTuned By John Lund Racing
  • 46 lb fuel injectors
  • One stage colder Ford Racing spark plugs
  • JLT Air Intake
  • 3.55 Gears

Coming soon

Long tube headers, Aftermarket X or H pipe, 4.10 gears, 3.0 pulley for 15 lbs of boost.

8,000 original miles.

#659 out of 1,351 Saleens.

1 of 7 Legend Lime 2005 Supercharged Coupes.

1 of 1 Legend Lime Coupe with Black Leather Interior with 5 speed.

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Mr.Grinch, 2005 Saleen S281 SC 480 RWHP

Joining Buyers,Sellers,and Spectators of High End and Exotic Car Show in Pittsburgh Benefiting the Food Drive

E.E.A.E.(Exclusive Exotic Auto Showcase Extravaganza) is proud to announce bringing buyers, sellers, and spectators together monthly for a high end, exotic car show in Pittsburgh benefiting the Pittsburgh food drive.car show pittsburgh

The first show will be held at Chuck’s High-Performance Car Detailing Pittsburgh detail shop at 121 Irwin Way Bridgeville Pa 15017 the 3rd Sunday of every month starting with

the first show on October 19th,2014.

It’s never too early to register. Register today with us with the best option for you at our website.

Owners and sellers of rare or exotic cars can submit their car for display now. Only 15 cars will be selected each month to be in the show. They must be for sale, and a $300 fee.

Buyers can register now for $75 a ticket. This gives you exclusive access to be able to purchase any car on display.

Spectators can pay only $15 to get in, and check out the super cars on display and enjoy the event.

A portion of every event will go to our food drive campaign on feedingamerica.org to help supply meals to families. You can donate included in your registering fee now. or donate on our page there. Attend an exotic car show Pittsburgh. Just join on our site today easily and pay later at the door. Or pay up front. Spread the word. We want to create something very special with the best cars in the country at one place to help others.


car show pittsburgh

Chuck’s “Sell My Car” Consignment Program in Pittsburgh

Take a moment to learn about Chuck’s “Sell My Car” Consignment Program in Pittsburgh.

Great to use if you would like to skip the hassle of selling your car, want to get the max value for your used car, and avoid getting the low amount of a dealership trade-in.

Let us work for you to get the best price for your vehicle.

Here’s how Chuck’s “Sell My Car” Consignment Program in Pittsburgh works for you.

1.All you have to do is bring your car to Chuck’s Car Detailing at 121 Irwin Way Bridgeville 15017.

2.Once here, it is instantly giving our car show prep Stage 4 full car detail to look insanely good to get you tthe top end of what it is worth.

sell my car pittsburgh

sell my car pittsburgh

3. We take professional pictures for you of your car in best form to begin getting serious buyers for the cost you’d like to get for it.

4.Your car gets placement in our heated shop so that buyers and you can come here to show it. It won’t get dirty and you never have to have strangers coming to your home. Your choice to meet the buyers or we can do it for you at the price you want to get for your car.

5.Once sold, the buyer buys your car and notary is done onsite. You only pay when you receive the money you want for your car. Must have title in hand to use our service and buyer must pay in full to make for a smooth and happy transaction for both.

6.If you decide to not sell your car anymore, all you simply pay for is the stage 4 detail and your good to go.

We bring you our best offers that includes our fee and all you do is decide who to sell it to. You’re in full control of the process. You can choose to negotiate with the buyers or we can use our contacts to get you the best price for your car.

We make money when you do so it’s in our best interest to get you the very best possible price selling your car with our help.


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