Car Scratch Removal Service in Pittsburgh – Paint Correction

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh is an award winning interior and exterior auto detail service that comes to your home or office.

Car Scratch Removal Service in Pittsburgh Benefits




car scratch removal service Pittsburgh - paint correction – Owner Chuck Pictured Who Will Come Work On Your Car in Pittsburgh, Pa Right At Your Home Or Office.


  • We specialize in our 5 year ceramic coating paint protection service at your home or office, but also paint correction for your whole car is offered plus car scratch removal to focus on troubled areas.



Difference Between Paint Correction Service and Car Scratch Removal Service in Pittsburgh?


Vehicle Paint Protection Service - Cars, Trucks, SUV, RV
Paint Correction Detailing – Truck Scratch Removal Service in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s


  • Paint correction service is usually if your whole vehicle is swirled and scratched up and we will bring it back to as new as possible by removing the defected micro layers of clear coat to be as best as it can be without the high cost of a new paint job.

Our car scratch removal service is like that, except you will get stand alone scratches and the worst spots of scratches around your car done without the rest of the car detailed. Paint correction will involve full exterior detailing first including wheels, tires, wheel wells, windows, trim, and everything exterior. Our car scratch removal service in Pittsburgh will be less cost and will focus on strictly removing the scratches in 2 by 2 areas.

  • There is a $300 minimum for car scratch removal appointments at your home or office, and usually is $75 per scratch, however, at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh, a scratch will be a 2 by 2 area and we will do 4 of those around your vehicle to increase it’s value cosmetically.

Car scratches removal products you see on tv is deceiving because many of them are just covering it up to be seen again later, or if done only by hand isn’t going to be enough rpm to fill the scratch with surrounding paint.

  • We use machine buffers, wet sanding. and paint readers to properly remove the scratch to it’s best capabilities. Many scratches can be removed, some can be greatly improved to not be able to see easily anymore, and some are so deep there is no paint available to fix it. That is when it will need touched up. That is why it is ideal if you get a touch up pen for your vehicle in advance and if a scratch is beyond repair, we can touch it up for you to look the best possible. This will be cost effective to do instead of repainting the panel at a body shop, but you could always jump to that option.

Our car scratch removal service in Pittsburgh / scratch correction is done right at your home or office location so just like our ceramic coating and mobile detailing service, you don’t have to wait in lobbies or find rides because we do it right where you are anyway for convenience.


BEFORE Car Scratch Removal and Paint Correction to hood of car – Many swirls, scratches, and dullness.

Paint Correction Car Detail for Exterior is the best way to increase your car's value
Paint Correction Car Detail for Exterior is the best way to increase your car’s value


AFTER scratch removal and paint correction detailing. – Very easy to maintain a clean look free of most visible defects  and value of car increased greatly.

Mobile Car Detail & Vehicle Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh Plus Paint Correction and Protection.
Mobile Car Detail & Vehicle Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh Plus Paint Correction and Protection.

Do You Need Scratch Removal or Paint Correction Detailing Services?


  • Most cars on the road typically could use a full paint correction done to really remove all of the usual car wash swirl scratches, acid rain, paint oxidation dullness, ingrained dirt that washing your car will never remove, holograms from a bad buffing job, surface scratches from wiping it with cheap car wash products, and sun fading. All of these will require paint correction service in our Stage 3 Exterior Paint Correction Package, however, if you wish to pay around half the price, we can zero in on few 2 by 2 sections in our car scratch removal service.


For the ultimate in paint protection, check out our Stage 4 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating Service also.



For car scratch removal service to focus on scratch removal and not paint correction or exterior detailing, simply text “scratch removal” to Chuck at (412) 726 – 6092 for an easy quote.


Car Scratch Removal Service Pittsburgh - Paint Correction
5 Year Ceramic Coating Service by Chuck’s Car Detailing Pittsburgh


  • **All the vehicles on this blog post are real customers from Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh**.

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Amsoil Dealers in Pittsburgh - Best Motor Oil & Filter
AMSOIL Dealers in Pittsburgh = Best Motor Oil by Chuck’s Mobile Detailing



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