Pro Ceramic Coating Install by Chuck’s Detailing Pittsburgh

Pro Ceramic Coating Install Differences by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh


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Pro Ceramic Coating Install by Chuck’s Mobile Detailing Pittsburgh


Pro ceramic coating installs are the pinnacle in modern technology of vehicle paint protection. They are the most durable, glossy, and best by far, but also require the most tedious amount of work to install, so it is important you choose a ceramic coating pro service like Chuck’s Mobile Detailing to do it right for you.

Why choose Chuck’s Detailing for 7 plus year ceramic coating for your new or favorite car over say a dealership or other ceramic pro services?


  • Chuck and Steve are experienced detailers and view working on your vehicle as art, it is their only focus to achieve to close to perfection as possible. Your car will be valued like it is their own.


  • Dealerships can also deliver that result, however, it is a crap shoot to get that or to get someone who is just wanting to go home for the day and not view it as a job and not as a piece of art.


  • Chuck’s Detailing comes to your home garage to complete it right at your home for convenience so you don’t have to be away from your vehicle for the 48 hour cure time that is needed to activate the pro ceramic coating. Chuck is there 1 full day instead of you dropping it off and waiting 3 or more days.


  • Chuck’s has completed thousands of details and over dozens of ceramic coating installations where they have a great pulse onto the type of paint your vehicle has and can correct it to show quality most efficiently before it is ready for a pro ceramic coating.


  • Ceramic coatings take detailing to the furthest level of perfection in order to be completed properly. The way your vehicle looks before coating is the way it will look for many years to come, so it is important it is corrected and machine polished to the best it can possibly be and that is what Chuck’s does to your vehicle guaranteed.


  • Chuck’s offers a quality 7 plus year ceramic coating install, that includes all exterior paint and trim, with the ability for you to add on all exterior glass and windows, or wheels and brake calipers. Or you can add both of those combined to give the ultimate pro ceramic coating experience.


Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh has completed ceramic coatings to many client’s cherished and new car purchases including some examples; Chevrolet Corvette, Range Rover Sport, Lincoln Navigator, Porsche 911, BMW X7, Honda Civic, Honda Ridgeline, Volvo XC90, Mercedes – Benz E350, Chevy Camaro ZL1, Benz G550, Benz GLC 43 AMG, Chevy Silverado, Honda Passport, Mazda CX5, Jaguar Convertible, and plus many more happy clients around Pittsburgh and Eastern Ohio.

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Your new vehicle purchase should receive ceramic coating right off the bat to be polished to it’s show potential and protected for 7 plus years. If you choose to do so, going with Chuck’s Detailing in Pittsburgh will prove to be a good decision because of our passion, attention to detail, customer service, fair pricing, and convenience.

To make a pro ceramic coating or paint correction detailing service appointment, text Chuck anytime to (412) 726 – 6092.

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