Car Paint Correction Detailing At Your Home

Car paint correction detailing by Chuck’s based out of Pittsburgh, Pa, detailed right at your home or office.

What is car paint correction compared to exterior detailing?


Car Paint Correction Detailing At Home Pittsburgh
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Paint correction is going to improve the value of your vehicle by removing micro layers of defected clear coat that gives your vehicle scratches, swirls, holograms, water spots, oxidation, and deeply ingrained dirt that car washing won’t reach.

If you think your vehicle may need a new paint job, consider the price and results of that to be 100% and car paint correction detailing to be less cost and a solid 75% to 95% revival while keeping the original paint. Results are dramatic and quality with both.

The first level of paint correction is clay barring to remove deeply ingrained dirt which will increase shine dramatically and then combinations of buffing pads and cutting compound technologies that fits to your specific make and models paint, as all are different and respond differently to certain combinations. We find the right combination to maximize results on your vehicle.

With our Stage 1 exterior detailing package, your cars paint, trim, windows, wheels, and headlights will look showroom clean and then protected with 2 different sealants and a premium wax to protect it very well.

Upgrade to our Stage 3 Car Paint Protection Package to correct your paints defects to be as close to a brand new paint job as possible and erase all of them car wash swirls and defects that you may think are there to stay, unless it is paint corrected.

Body shop paint job vs paint correction detailing service pro’s and cons

Cost Of paint Jobs and Car Paint Correction Detailing


Paint jobs will be much more pricey and make your vehicle look brand new and to what color you want it to be, while paint correction detailing will keep your original color and be half or more off the cost of paint jobs.




New Paint Job and Car Paint Correction Detailing Results


Both new paints jobs and car paint correction detailing will yield dramatic and amazing results from close to perfection to perfection.

Increase Value To Your Vehicle or Prized Possession


Keeping original paint is important in keeping and raising your vehicle or prized possession’s value. It will be more pricey and the paint will be more perfect with a new paint job, but keep in mind, it won’t be original paint anymore and potential buyers and others will be cautious of to why the car was re painted.

Paint correction detailing will remove the defected layers of clear coat to reveal the fresh layers to be as close to a new paint job as possible without the high cost. Car paint correction detailing will raise the value of your car being so close to perfect and being original paint.


Car Paint Correction Detailing
Also, upgrade to the best in paint protection with 5 year ceramic coating add on.

Effective Paint Correction Service Details in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s


What equipment do we prefer to use for paint correction service and what is involved?

First, your vehicle’s exterior will fully detailed and prepped by clay bar to remove deeply ingrained dirt that car washes or hand washes will never remove. This creates more shine from less reflection of dirt, and also creates a much better bond for paint protection to grab on to. Entry level paint correction will start by fully detailing and using a clay bar to the vehicle.

Next, each make and model has different types of paint. Some are softer and easier to correct but easier to damage like a Porsche 911 and then some are harder to correct and harder to cause defects such as a Cadillac Escalade.

We use a professional 21 mm long throw swirl killer machine with 5 and 6 inch backing plates, and also a 8 mm short throw with a 3 inch backing plate for more precise and curvy body panels. The combination of buffing pads, compounds, and polishes will vary and will need to be tested on the type of paint. There are a few combinations that will be figured out by experience and trial and error. Experience mostly as if you remember what works on certain vehicles, you can find the correct combo right away.

Some of the car paint correction detailing compounds and polishes we use are Lake Country and Buff n Shine pads with #D and Sonax compounds and polishes.

A few of our favorites are the 3D ACA 500 Xtra Cut and Sonax Cutmax combined with Spider pads and others like Buff n Shine URO Fiber buffing pads.

The goal is to do A B split testing to find the best combo for your specific vehicle or prized possessions paint and clear coat. This will achieve the best results possible.

The pricing is set so that you will always get more value added to your vehicle than the cost of the service. If it costs you $600 and up for our Stage 3 Paint Correction Service at your home, the 20% average increase in value will almost always be much more than the fee to get completed. And usually much less than a new paint job cost.

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