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Introducing To Our Customers-Garage Detailing in Pittsburgh

Based on customer requests, we’ve decided to offer Garage Detailing

in Pittsburgh for our customers.

At Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh, we’ve done over 1000

customer cars the eco-friendly way and also managed to keep an “A”

rating on Angie’s List because we believe that quality and

convenience goes along way in providing the most value to our

customers. That’s why we’ve decided to offer Garage Detailing now

and not just Mobile Auto Detailing Onsite alone.

What is Garage Detailing?

Choose from these packages Stage 1 through Stage 4 just like our

mobile detailing packages

Garage Cleaning,Detailing,and Painting by Chuck's Mobile Auto Detail Pittsburgh

Garage Cleaning,Detailing,and Painting by Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detail Pittsburgh

Stage 1 Garage Cleaning

  • Get your garage cleaned and done in one day.

Stage 2 Garage Cleaning and Organization

  • The next level is to not only clean, but also save alot of space by organizing your garage with accessories and professional storage system pieces to make it look more presentable and organized.
  • Takes 2 days combined or separate.

Stage 3 Garage Cleaning,Organization,and Painting of the Walls and Ceiling

  • Transform your garage in 3 days by adding Stage 2 but then your choice color scheme in high quality prep and paint to your walls and ceiling in your garage.

Stage 4 takes Stage 3 and adds a brand new,protected, and quality garage floor surface plus garage door painted(optional)

  • We will use specialized garage floor primers,paints,epoxy’s,and fillers to assure a long lasting,durable,and great looking new garage floor.
  • Takes 4 days total to complete in general.
  • You’ll walk into an amazing looking garage to match the rest of your home.

We began this service because we enjoy making customers happy by transforming their cars and now their garages.

We’re always in customers homes doing their cars and notices customers ask us jokingly if we do garages. We never did, but now we decided we would add that to what we do.

Homes are usually very nice but the garages are unfinished,cluttered,and usually is last to get attention because we know the rest of the house took alot of work as is.

That’s why we offer you to let us transform it for you. We want to create a happy customer base with the best looking garages around Pittsburgh!

Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh will take the same approach to customers garages and use only high quality products,provide convenience and great customer service to earn your referrals.

We price the garage packages by square feet, to get prices, contact us at our website at mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com

or just visit the actual page on our website below

Garage Cleaning,Painting,and Detailing in Pittsburgh Website by Chuck’s

Detailing The Car Deals by Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh

Detailing The Car Deals by Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh

Family/Corporate Detailing Package in Pittsburgh

Does your family or work have multiple cars that need interior, exterior or both detailing? Simply tell us so that we can at least save you 20% off your total on full details. Typically, this will save you over $100 instantly. No hidden fees added.

We do many families that have 2-4 cars and love to have them fully detailed and brought back better than ever inside and out all at once. This will save you at least 1,000 per car when it’s time to sell it, and give your family the feeling of having a new, comfortable car to ride in again.

We don’t just clean it, we make it nearly impossible to make dirty again by stain proofing the interior and protecting the paint and wheels with the best detailing products on the market. Detailing the car is no longer a multiple day chore taking up your weekend, we do it right at your home all in one day.

Corporate car detailing package

We have done many companies vehicles onsite. Some examples are Liberty Tire,Med Care Express,Walgreens,KLH Engineers,John Raysich Porsche,Cranberry Business Park,and many many more.

Convenience detailing the car to have it started when you get to the office and completed and brand new before you leave to go home. Save the 20% off by having another co worker get it done as well together at the same time and same place.

Used Car Dealer Detailing For Higher Profit Sales and Higher Bids at Auction

We currently do A & R Auto Sales and by using us instead of someone else, your customers will buy the cars at a higher price, and the auction will score you bigger results because we don’t just clean it, we revive it. The car will look like it’s maximum value and sell for it too. Contact Chuck at 412-726-6092 or mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com for a quote and a deal.

Regular Customer Discount For Detailing The Car

Save 10% off instantly for life on any car we full detail with stage 3 or stage 4. We offer this because after we do a full detail, your car will be much easier to maintain and keep clean for us, less work for us means more discounts for you.

Winter Interior Detailing Discount by Chuck’s in Pittsburgh

It’s understandable winter isn’t the ideal time to get the car washed, but why not keep your interior like new and protected from any salt.

Detailing The Car Should be Done With Quality, But Also Convenient For You. Let us make you proud of your car again in Pittsburgh.

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh


Also offered;

In Home Carpet Stain Proofing

In Home Leather Cleaning For Furniture,Jackets,Boots,Equestrian Tacks and Much More

Plasti Dip Your Wheels With Us, or Your Whole Car.

Airport Indoor Parking and Detailing Service. Have peace of mind while gone on your trip. We pick it up and drop it off when you return after being full detailed.