Car Ceramic Coating Paint Protection – 7+ Year

9h Car Ceramic Coating Service by Chuck’s Mobile Paint Correction Detailing Pittsburgh

9h Car Ceramic Coating Service by Chuck's Mobile Paint Correction Detailing Pittsburgh


Use a professional like Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh to install ceramic coating paint protection packages on your vehicle right the first time.

Ceramic coatings like ours last 7+ years and resist scratches and chips much better than any wax or sealants, and don’t have to removed like a bra or wrap once it starts to look ugly over time. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our 7+ year ceramic coating installs are done at your home or office, and usually to your whole vehicle around Pittsburgh, Pa. (paint, trim, lights, wheels, brake calipers).

Ceramic coatings should never be applied in our book without complete paint correction done first as the condition of the paint and gloss once coated is how it will stay for 7+ years depending on your choice, so we assure that we get the paint to close to perfect as possible.

This means starting off with a clay bar to remove deeply ingrained contaminants that washing will never remove. Next, using a rotary machine polisher or dual action long throw polisher combined with different compounds, polishes, and buffing pads, the right combination varies on your specific paint hardness and type. We find the best combination on hand out of dozens of combinations on test spots to give you the best results.

9h Car Ceramic Coating Service by Chuck's Mobile Paint Correction Detailing Pittsburgh

9h Car Ceramic Coating Service by Chuck's Mobile Paint Correction Detailing Pittsburgh

Next the paint will be prepped correctly and a gloss meter to aim for perfection as close as possible.

If you ever seen a ceramic coating attempted gone wrong, dealers will often require a new paint job because the wet sanding process it will need to remove is lengthy and difficult. Companies market diy ceramic products that tries to make it seem like it is easy, if it is easy, it is not real ceramic protection. If it is a real pro grade ceramic, it will require all of the steps above to be done correctly. When done right, it provides protection, gloss, and shine like no other and will save you later when you go to sell your car, trade it in, or trips to body ship for repaints.

Do I Need Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Service on My Car?

Most cars could use a paint correction to be the best it can be to have outrageous gloss, depth, and easiness of keeping clean.

Many of our client’s just bought a new car and it is all swirled up from automatic car washes and needs it, and any car driven daily could always use it.

It can only be done so many times in a vehicle’s life, so it is best to get 9h ceramic coating service done at the same time as it will be ready to be coated after paint correction.  Regardless if you choose your whole vehicle to be done or just the most exposed parts of your car, the ceramic will preserve that pristine paint correction, show quality look for 7 plus years and resist scratches and chips much, much better than the best car waxes and sealants.

The service with Chuck’s Mobile Detailing in Pittsburgh is all done right at your home or office so you don’t have to find rides or wait days to get your car back. We get it done in one day and you’ll know an accurate time frame of completion depending on which package you choose.

Get a quote for your vehicle by visiting and it says, “Get a Quote” at the top of the page to email.

From there, you’ll get an email sent right back with pricing for all packages for your year, make, and model of vehicle.

9h Car Ceramic Coating Service by Chuck's Mobile Paint Correction Detailing Pittsburgh

If you get paint correction and / or ceramic coating done to your vehicle, you don’t have to take it through car wash prior to me coming but it will save time for you to wait the day I come to complete it.

All services are offered Monday through Saturday every month of the year. During the winter, it may be required for your car to be indoors in a garage where we are set up for indoor car shows to do it in there without using spraying water. As long as the temperature is above freezing, all packages are available to complete.

Thanks for using Chuck’s Mobile Detailing in Pittsburgh for your  cars.

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