Pittsburgh Car Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction Detailing – Chuck’s Updates

Hello all, hope you are well. Chuck has been busy going to your homes to complete the best results possible to your vehicles that you care about.

So much that he hasn’t been able to update the blog much for updates.  Golfing in between hasn’t helped the cause. lol!

car ceramic coating service pittsburgh
Chuck pictured always playing golf when not detailing your cars.


Here is a few updates that you should know about. If you were a client with Chuck for a while, no need to worry about changes.  Loyalty is very important to Chuck’s and you will be A Ok with any changes in packages.

The only changes being made are the minimum level of detailing involved as being booked up for over a month is nice and I am appreciative of that, it makes it seem like I am slow on service even though I am fast to respond even just to say the next dates available.

Instead of exterior detailing, the Stage 1 Exterior package will include 1 step paint correction, clay bar, paint protection and removing many of the swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water spots.

If you are looking for a basic detail or mobile wash, Chuck’s is focused on installing ceramic coatings and doing paint corrections because that is were I am able to deliver results Chuck is proud to give to you.

Stage 2 Interior remains the same. Stage 3 Paint Correction standard is now Stage 1  and advanced is Stage 3 on the quotes or a 2 step correction that is included during a Stage 4 Ceramic Coating.

car ceramic coating and paint correction detailing service in pittsburgh
Ceramic coating to a new Toyota Supra in Pittsburgh. Text Chuck (412) 726 – 6092.

Stage 4 Ceramic Coating package remains the same except as technology grows, we adapt and provide the current best product out there. It went from 5 years to 7+ years and now a 9+ year formula is being released. 7+  10h graphene is what is currently offered at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh.


Thank you so much for using Chuck’s and just wanted to send an update out there. Back to making your vehicles look brand new again around Pittsburgh. Thanks!


Text Chuck (412) 726 – 6092