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Mobile Car Detailing Service in Pittsburgh Is Easy With Chuck’s

Mobile Car Detailing Service in Pittsburgh Is Easy With Chuck’s Because You Can Simply Text “Detail” to 412-726-6092 Anytime.

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck's

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s


Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh Fun & Interesting Facts;

Convenience in a Car Cleaning Service

  • We come right to your home or work anywhere 40 miles around downtown Pittsburgh to completely detail the interior and / or exterior of your vehicles.
  • We are economic friendly and many customers choose to get their car detailed right in there home garage or work parking garages.
  • Since 2012, you’ve helped us save over 150,000 gallons of water by choosing us at your mobile car detailing service in Pittsburgh.
  • Hassle free and high quality service always is our goal.

Quality Detailing Service in PGH

  • We are car guys and lovers so when we detail your car, you can be sure we are giving it everything it needs to bring it back to as new as possible and protect it from Pittsburgh’s harsh weather changes.
  • We use all enthusiast grade products whether it be to stain proof your interior carpets, protect your paint and exterior, or keeping your leather or cloth seats nice by replacing the oils.

Get Your Car Detailed While You Work in Pittsburgh

  • Many of our customers have us detail their car right where they work in a parking lot or garage. We can do everything needed right where your car sits during all months of the year.
  • If it will be outside, you will be texted and offered to reschedule to a dry day or if in winter, will need to be 32 degrees at least to complete the exterior. Besides that, you can text us anytime to set up an appointment throughout the year.

One Flat Price and Mobile Detailing Completed in Convenient Time

  • Coming to you, your car is the only focus and gets all the attention. We only book so many appointments per week so that we can fully give the best quality to each customer we detail their cars for.
  • Stage 1 Exterior, Stage 2 Interior, Stage 3 Full Interior and Exterior, And Stage 4 is Stage 3 Full Detail Plus The Engine Bay and Scratch Removal are the packages to choose from so that you can be assured you will not only get what you need, but everything will be done correctly to our standards.
  • We don’t offer any basic packages because loving cars, I can’t leave without anything being done right. Basic isn’t our target market, we want you to happy from the results and let us do what we do. We thank our customers we have and appreciate you all.

Car Detailing Kit, Car Wash, and Wax

  • Over 6 years, we had our own All in 1 Car Detailing Kit made so that you can buy it for a car lover friend or family member to use on their own car if they prefer to get quality protection themselves.
  • Visit our product site at GreatCarWax.com to have us send out to you with free shipping or order one on top of the mobile car detailing service you order as well.
  • Makes a great birthday, Valentine’s, or Christmas gift to give to anyone who loves their cars or taking care of their valuables.
Car Detailing Kit and Wax

Car Detailing Kit and Wax at GreatCarWax.com

Easily Get a Mobile Car Detailing Quote in Pittsburgh for Fast Service by Texting Chuck

Pittsburgh Christmas Gift Ideas-Mobile Auto Detailing

Mobile auto detailing by Chuck’s is a great Pittsburgh Christmas gift idea that will be sure to be unique and practical.

What better gift to have then the feeling of a brand new clean car? Plus, by getting a gift card for at least $50 dollars now, you automatically get 10% off a full detail for your own car.

With their mobile detail gift card, they get to experience all these benefitsĀ  to their interior and exterior!

Interior Mobile Detail Benefits with Chuck’s Auto Detailing

  • All inside and outside windows cleaned.
  • Vacuum carpets and mats
  • Remove dog hair and stains in carpets,mats and upholstery.
  • Clean and protect all door jams,trunk,dashboard,console, and all others.
  • Eradicate and professionally deodorize and odors or allergens hidden in the cars vents and carpets.
  • Stain proof the entire interiors carpets, seats, and mats to provide years of unsurpassed protection thus increasing cars value when you decide to move on and sell.
  • Leather reconditioning included for leather interiors.

Exterior Mobile Detail Benefits with Chuck’s Auto Detailing

  • Highest quality, enthusiast grade wax applied after waterless washed.
  • Our products are high end products and don’t require a hose. Can be done in our customers home garages or parking garages with no mess or chemicals spread around the ground or other peoples cars.
  • EPA approved eco-friendly products used. They cost more, but the only option we will use when detailing at customers homes. No harsh chemicals going into your drains.
  • Our wax alone lasts 4 times longer than the leading carnuba wax from the store.
  • After wax, your exterior will get scratch removal and any hard to get areas.
  • Then your headlights will be restored to be like they were when new and no more haze. Haze removed that don’t come off without compounding it. Car washes won’t faze it.
  • Then your paint will be max protected with a paint sealant for stage 3 and if you want to go all out, a depth enhancer will be applied for stage 4.
  • The difference in paint quality is noticeable for months and months after your mobile car detail with Chuck’s.
  • To finish off, your tailpipes, chrome, trim, wheels, tires, and wheel wells will be cleaned, protected, and make to look great.

Get a $50 gift card at mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com today in time for Christmas, and get 10% of your own car whenever you decide to use it.

happy holidays!



Enthusiast Grade, Eco-Friendly MobileĀ  Auto Detailing Pittsburgh

Chuck’s Auto Detailing Pittsburgh Specials For Fridays and Saturdays Only

Chuck’s Auto Detailing Pittsburgh wants to make getting your car detailed the most convenient and quality car care service available. This is why we come to your home or office, use two detail professionals to work on your car at the same time, and use the best tested, eco friendly products available to give you the best job done possible.

We know that there is alot included in the packages and you may not be exactly sure what you need done or want done.

This is why we now offer a special to you that allows you to enjoy

Fridays Special Includes 2 hours of detailing around Pittsburgh at your home or office

  • Receive 2 detail pros getting 2 hours worth of hard work done to your car.
  • You pay $149+tax no matter what car you have. If your car is a big suv, you will pay the same as a small two seater. Difference is, more work in 2 hours will be able to get done to the smaller car.
  • We do what your car needs most in those 2 hours, on both interior and exterior or just one of those if you let us know that is all you care about.
  • We will use our enthusiast grade products on your car and do the most important steps it needs in 2 hours.

Saturdays Special Includes 1 hour of detailing around Pittsburgh at your home or office.

  • For only $99 plus tax, you get the best available products used on your car by 2 detail pros at the same time.
  • In just one hour, you will at least get your car washed and waxed with a very high grade wax, tires and wheels cleaned and protected, and a vacuum and wipe down to dashboard.
  • Perfect if you need to go somewhere and need your car detailed in just 1 hour. Easily sign up for an appointment by texting Chuck at 412-726-6092. Mention our 1 hour or 2 hour special and make it easy on yourself, and enjoy all the benefits of using the best products for your cars appearance and protection.
  • Or visit our website at MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com Now.