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Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s Has Exciting News For 2018.

Read On To Learn More & To Our Appreciated Customers, We Hope You Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck's

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s (Pictured above is owner, Chuck)


What Makes Chuck’s Unique for Your Interior or Exterior Mobile Car Detailing Needs in Pittsburgh, Pa?

1. Since 2011, we always been about giving the best experience and quality possible for you to enjoy a like new and protected vehicle without any of the head aches you might find in the auto industry.

2. We come to you at your home or office, no need to drop it off and we use only enthusiast grade, economic friendly products so that we can complete your car without hurting the area at your home or work location.

3. Personal texting is offered so that you can at anytime text “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 and get an instant quote with all 5 Stages of mobile car detailing.

4. Over almost 6 years, we have saved over 120,000 gallons of chemical filled water from entering our drains by being eco-friendly and serve over 1,200 repeat customers in Pittsburgh, Pa.

5. Some of our clients include players from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates professional sports teams.

6. We’ve got to team up with customers to enjoy 1st place car show awards and we are thankful for our Angie’s List customers for taking the time to leave their reviews giving us multiple service awards in the top 5% of businesses in Pittsburgh, Pa and an A rated rank. Thank you so much! It is appreciated.

7. Your car will be put through the same simulation as if it were going into a car show so that you enjoy the best results and protection to maximize your vehicles value. Using a premium car care service like us will boost your vehicles value by up to 20% just keeping it nice and protected from getting ruined driving in the elements.

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck's

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s Text 412-726-6092 For Instant Service

8. You can choose to just get only the interior or only the exterior completed to your cars as well.  So that maybe you have a company vehicle or want to pay less, you can choose just the interior or exterior to suit your needs.

9. May of our customers vehicles are in home garages, as our product like allows us to use new technology and not have to spray water everywhere and will clean and detail your vehicle inside as if it were at an indoors car show or show room.

10. This allows you to get exterior or interior detailing year round and even in the winter when the salt can ruin your mats, carpets, and paint. Get it protected anytime. Ideally it is best to get mobile detailing quarterly to each vehicle you have.

Updates At Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh For 2018

Over 6 years of interior and exterior mobile car detailing in Pittsburgh, we have been working on formulating our own premium car care product to better help our own detailing but to sell it to do it your selfers across the country.

We’ve created Crimson Shield, found at greatcarwax.com which is our enthusiast grade, all in 1 eco-friendly cleaner, paint sealant, wax, and polish shine enhancer.

We are proud of what we have created as it took us tweaking the right formula for 6 years to get it perfected. We wanted to be able to offer anyone in the country the ability to treat their vehicle themselves with the quality that we use in our local detailing service.

If you have a friend, coworker, or family member that is a car lover, they would love Crimson Shield as a gift or stocking stuffer as it comes in a ready to use 32 oz bottle and can be sprayed right on and wiped off. Anyone can use it as we provide the premium microfiber towels needed to wipe it on and wipe it off to get great results instantly.

No need for a hose or machine buffers like we use, you wipe it on and wipe it off and protect your prized possessions while cleaning. Use on all interior and exterior for your vehicle, and even use on jewelry, shoes, motorcycles, RV, boats, aircraft, and household counters and appliances!

Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax | 32 Oz

Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax | 32 Oz
Get it at GreatCarWax.com


Update on Offering  Stage 5 Paint Correction Package for 2018

Stage 5 Paint Correction or Swirl Mark Removal Buffing takes hours of high speed buffing to remove up to 70% of defects from your paint.

Use this package if you want to dramatically increase the value of your vehicle, or if you would like to pay alot less than a full paint job. Paint jobs can cost from $1000 up to $25,000 depending on what you get.

Our Stage 5 Paint Correction Detailing Package will cost significantly less as we will remove micro layers of clear coat to reveal fresh paint under the swirled and damaged paint.

In order to be available to receive this package, you must first get Stage 1 through Stage 4 Detailing and Paint Protection Package and then a second day to perform Stage 5 will be needed.

This way, it is done right and you will not need to  be without your car and the price will be split up over 2 appointments.

Stage 1 through Stage 4 we treat stand alone scratches that can be removed, Stage 5 is if your car is covered in swirls and spider scratches usually caused by poor quality automatic car washes and just normal wear and tear without proper paint protection that we offer. If you get a new car, be sure to treat it asap with our paint protection packages or if you do it yourself, by Crimson Shield.

Text Chuck “Detail” at 412-726-6092 7 days a week for an instant quote on all packages we offer and easy appoint setup

Mon-Sat at 10 a.m

We accept all major cards or cash and can provide a receipt.

No checks accepted.

Thank you,



Eco-Friendly, Enthusiast Grade Detailing Onsite

At Your Home or Office

Detailing & Car Cleaning Kit to Protect Prized Possessions

Detailing & Car Cleaning Kit to Protect Prized Possessions Available at http://mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com/car_wash__detailing_kit

A Thank You To Our Pittsburgh Mobile Car Detailing Customers

A Thank You To Our Pittsburgh Mobile Car Detailing Customers

Since 2012 when we at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh started using eco-friendly car detailing products, our customers helped us save over 120,000 chemical filled gallons of water from entering our public drains.

While helping save water in general, alot of chemicals enter the waterways, especially for services like ours usually that work in public.

We’ve been sure to use a full line of top quality, EPA approved eco-friendly car detailing products that allowed us to save water and also prevent any chemicals entering drains for over 800 repeat customers around Pittsburgh.

This allowed us to get over a 97% customer satisfaction “A” rating over 4 years on Angie’s List and were able to be in the top 5% overall detailing shops in Pittsburgh during that time while not using products that require water and chemicals to be sprayed.

Interior Detailing Pittsburgh

Interior Detailing Pittsburgh

We look forward to continuing giving our detailing customers the best quality detailing their cars at their homes and offices, while doing our little part to helping keep our city as clean as possible from chemicals.

Please visit Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh’s website at MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com today for more information on interior and exterior mobile detailing services we provide.

Or if you want to make an easy appointment or get a fast quote for your car, just text the word “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 at anytime. You will get an asap response that is usually but will be asap regardless and not hours or days wait.

We provide 4 Stages of Mobile Car Cleaning and Detailing. Here is a quick over view,more details can be viewed on our website.

Stage 4 Exterior and Interior Car Show Simulation Including Engine Bay and Premium Paint Depth Enhancement.

Stage 3 Full Interior and Exterior Mobile Detail Without Engine bay and Paint Depth Enhancement. Includes all premium add ons,examples for exterior are scratch removal,headlight bright restore,premium wax,premium paint sealant protection,(tar,sap,road paint removal), and interior add ons include dog hair removal,odor removal,stain removal,stain proofing carpeting and mats,full leather cleaning and reconditioning,and anti static wipedown to prevent dust buildup in interior.

Stage 2 Interior OR Exterior Choice. Choose between exterior or interior if you want to save money not getting one done that you don’t need. Still includes all of the add ons of Stage 3 for each package.

Stage 1 Exterior includes a premium wax and sealant after waterless washed and presented to look showroom and look incredible. Doesn’t include Stage 2 add ons of scratch removal.

**Our scratch removal is more for spot scratches that can be removed with body work or major treatment needed. If a scratch is too deep, it will need to be taken to a body shop to be fixed but often we can fix it to fit your needs a fraction of the cost of taking to get painted**

Give us a try before you spend over a thousand on body work. Although we don’t specialize in paint correction,we often can do alot of what is needed in our detail packages for far less.

We specialize in protection and use the best for protecting cars new or used that you care about and want to really protect it’s value and condition. Or improve it’s condition from daily driving.

We don’t add in hidden fees or up sales, once we agree on your package, we do whatever it takes as it comes up to give you a great final product. We give discounts on multiple cars needing done for businesses or families, and we give discounts for repeat customers and if you have a new car being within two years of being brand new.

Visit us at mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com today and view more on mobile car detailing in Pittsburgh!


Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Interior Detailing Pittsburgh At Your Home or Office.

Besides from the exterior, we at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh offer the option of interior detailing by itself right at your home or office.

Our recipe for success to earn us an award winning service from Angie’s List is the combination of these things;

  • We do not subcontract work at all. There are many companies that work nationally and hire detailing services in that area last minute to fill their order. While this often ok, you never know who you are getting to give what you paid for. We do everything ourselves at Chuck’s,
  • Use the best products available on earth for our customers while remaining eco-friendly. We save over 30,000 gallons of water annually and we spend the extra money on the best products to assure our customers have the best looking and most protected cars in Pittsburgh.
  • Our interior and exterior detailing service is very convenient and offers are customers up front pricing with no surprises with the ability to text around the clock for quick help. You can simply text the word “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 and get help or set up your appointment for mobile detailing or dropping off your car at our detail shop. Pick a car detailer in Pittsburgh that has a reputation to maintain and wants you to be proud of your car again. Pick Chuck’s for a friendly and quality convenient service right at your door in Pittsburgh,Pa.
Interior Detailing Pittsburgh

Interior Detailing Pittsburgh

Did you know?

Regardless of the weather, we can always detail your interior by itself.  Here’s some of the things we do to your cars interior with the best products. Remember, our detailer products just don’t clean, they are designed to always protect, even your interior.

  • Vacuum
  • Emulsify stains in carpets and mats to lift up the stains out of them
  • Eradicate any odors completely and sanitizing your interior as well.
  • Leather cleaning and reconditioning to bring back and then protect your leather in finest shape for years to come. While bringing out that high end leather smell.
  • No perfumes or allergies as our products are all EPA approved and actually will help allergies or cure any smoke smell from the car instantly. Even after years of smoking in the car. Just ask one of our customers about that and see what they say :-)
  • Complete wipedown of interior with the highest quality microfiber towels all done by hand and with anti statics to prevent dust buildup and sun damage.
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • All chrome,carbon fiber, or metal polished and protected.
  • Complete interior stain proofing of the mats and carpeting. Spill something after our detail and take a deep breathe, it will not be able to stain anymore from our high end fabric protection process.
  • Also available for the carpeting in your home to be protected from any accidents. Perfect if you have kids or dogs. Keep your carpet newer longer for only $49 a room. Can be done with car detailing at the same time at your home or office.
  • All door jams and trunk jam cleaned and waxed to keep them protected from the elements.
  • And much more

Interior detailing is done in any weather and all year, even in winter time. use us before salt and weather ruin your cars value. or use us as your car detailer to quickly make a car new inside for a vacation, boss coming and it’s a company car, or if you want to surprise a loved one or co worker.

Visit MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com today and be proud of your car again by choosing a top 5% best detailer service around Pittsburgh.