Car Paint Correction Detailing – Improve Vehicle Value

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detail Service in Pittsburgh here to show you how to improve vehicle value of your cars plus many other benefits with our Stage 3 Car Paint Correction Detailing Package. Service is completed right at your home or office with no lobby waiting or finding rides.

BEFORE Paint Correction


Car Paint Correction Detailing - Improve Vehicle Value
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AFTER Paint Correction

Car Paint Correction Detailing – Improve Vehicle Value


The Honda Accord Touring shown above is an example of a customer of ours that signed up through getting a quote with us, and getting Stage 3 Car Paint Correction Detailing Service done right at his office while he was busy working.

You may not notice how many defects that are in your vehicle’s clear coat making it dull and vulnerable to more oxidation and sun damage. Deep ingrained dirt resides in there where hundreds of car washes in a row will never get. This reflects light making it appear dull and doesn’t let a good bond happen for any paint protection to be effective for very long.

Whether it be from car washes or environmental factors, your cars value may be lowered because of paint defects such as; swirls, scratches, oxidation, sun baked water spots, and holograms.

Car Paint Correction Detailing - Improve Vehicle Value
Real customer example of car paint protection detailing service.


Car paint correction detailing by Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detail in Pittsburgh is the quality and convenient way to bring your car’s exterior and interior back to as new as possible.

No need to risk messing up the paint more with machine buffers or waiting in a lobby or finding rides. Chuck’s comes to you equipped with all of the tools and products to complete great paint correction work right onsite. There is no need for you to have water or electric available, we got it taken care of. All we need is your car and about 6 to 8 hours of time.

What does Stage 3 Car Paint Correction Detailing Service Include?

  • First, it will include the Stage 3 Package, but also included is coming to your home or office, and also using a chip card onsite for payment.


  • Stage 1 Exterior Detailing Package to fully detail the exterior paint, windows(inside and out), trim, wheels, tires, wheel wells, exhaust pipes, and anything needed to get it as clean as possible in prep work to be receive car paint correction detailing to begin removing damaged layers of paint. Then revealing new layers of fresh paint ready to be protected to the max.


  • Your vehicle will begin receiving paint correction by using a clay bar to remove deeply ingrained dirt that washing and detailing doesn’t get. This not only brings out much more shine, but leads the ground work in providing the best bond for paint protection later.


  • After clay bar, the paint is ready to be machine buffed with a combo of cutting polish and or cutting pads or polish pads, or polish with the use of cutting pads or polish pads. The combo depends on if your vehicle has hard or soft paint and how it responds to finding the sweet spot. If you ever known someone that had a “bad buff job”, it is not pretty and makes everything worse. They may have either used the machine wrong or skipped some steps in carefully finding what type of paint they are working with. For example, most GM cars have hard paint and Honda’s like above have soft paint. Not all, but in recent cases, that is an example for you.
Car Paint Correction Detailing - Improve Vehicle Value
Customer’s Mustang After Car Paint Correction Detailingby Chuck’s.
  • Our standard car paint correction detailing package is known as a 1 Step traditionally, but will be spot treated in the worst areas with 2 Step (or Advanced as we call it). If you order Advanced, the entire vehicle will be 2 Stepped or up to 95% of defects removed that can be removed. The Standard or 1 Step plus spot 2 step is at least 75% defects removed.


  • In other words, you can’t lose on results as both will be dramatic differences, except the Advanced will yield the most results possible but will be a bit more costly. Although your vehicle’s value increases with car paint correction detailing up to around 20% so that your investment is covers the cost of the package in the long run.


  • After the paint is corrected, it will receive premium paint protection in the form of cross linked polymer wax and then 2 different sealants. 1 sealant to give the surface a very slick feel to repel contaminants, and the 2nd sealant being a depth enhancer to give your paint the biggest quality pop in shine that is offered in today’s technology. Your wheels and windows will also receive surface protection to make sure the entire exterior of your vehicle will be correctly protected for months.


  • Now is the time to choose whether you want the paint protection that comes with the package that lasts up to a year in protection. Or you can upgrade to Stage 4 5 Year Ceramic Coating to get the most premium glass protection possible where this helps to dramatically resist getting scratches and chips.


  • If you choose 5 year ceramic glass coating, the Stage 3 Paint Correction package is already mandatory to do before this anyway so it is all included in the Stage 4 Ceramic Glass Coating Package.

Regardless of your choice, your vehicle will be premium protected and ready to shield acid rain, sun damage, and repel dirt better than ever before. Upgrading to 5 year ceramic glass coating will enhance that in even more shine depth (literally glass), and resist further scratches and chips that no wax or sealant could handle.

Thanks for learning more about what Chuck’s Stage 3 Car Paint Correction Detailing Service is all about to improve vehicle value for you.

Regardless if you have a prized possession vehicle or if you just want to make it much easier to keep your daily driver nice, the cost of this service is always less than the value increase you will get to your vehicle.

The results will be fantastic and dramatic. Our passion in mobile car detailing is paint correction to be able to provide you the very best in results and convenience.



We offer this service all around Pittsburgh, and if you are much further, get  a quote anyway and we can work out a price to travel to you because we believe you will be very happy we worked together. Thank you.