Interior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s

Interior Mobile Detailing Updates for Winter and Holiday Season From Chuck’s in Pittsburgh.

Interior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck's
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About Chuck’s Mobile Detailing for Interior & Exterior


For 7 years now, we have been going to our customers homes and offices to complete quality interior and exterior detailing with added focus on being economical friendly while onsite.

We’ve managed to save over 200,000 and counting of what would be chemical – filled water from entering Pittsburgh waterways. We use about 1 gallon for every 100 gallons of water that it would usually take to detail a vehicle by investing in newer technology and products.

We offer 1 year and 5 year paint protection options for exterior, with our featured 5 Year Ceramic Coating Service for the pinnacle in shine and paint protection. We also offer paint correction to remove scratches, swirls, and defects to boost your vehicles value all while you are at work or home.

For interior detailing, scroll down to see what is all included in the package for your vehicle detailing needs.

Included in Our Stage 2 Interior Detailing Package At Your Home or Office


Interior detailing with us is premium so that 2 of us will do everything necessary to bring your vehicle’s interior back to as new as possible, but then much more protected than it was new.  Protected from stains, salt, and odors.

Stage 2 Interior Detailing with Chuck’s will take about 3 to 5 hours depending on the size of vehicle and current condition. Chuck will get there at 10 a.m to your home or office and be completed in that time frame, narrowed down once onsite to see the vehicle to be as accurate on timing as possible for you.

All cleaning will be done to the doors and door jams, mats, carpeting, headliner, inside vents where most don’t touch, trunk area, drivers area, and in some vehicles, the seats will be removed and put back to get places that are tough to usually get to with them in.

If your car has leather, we use a premium leather reconditioning process to remove the dirty and old leather oils to be replaced with new leather oils that will protect and smell like new as possible. This keeps it from cracking and sun fading as easy.

The carpets, mats, and if cloth seats, will get stain removal followed by stain proofing to not allow spilled beverages from children to ruin the material and instead bead up to be saved before it stains.

The door jam paint will get something similar to wax for the exterior to keep it shiny and protected longer than if just cleaned as normal.

If there is an allergy from dust issue, or some type of minor or major odor problem, this is all included in the package. An example would be you bought a new used car that happened to have a heavy smoker in it from previous owner, we will do our odor removal process so that you will never know anyone ever smoked inside of it odor wise, unless there are burn holes in the seats.

If there is a mold issue which is common for cars that sit for periods of time, we have special products made to rid that, especially in the area in the vents that are entered from the engine bay so that when you circulate the heat or A/C, all that isn’t blowing in the cabin to irritate you, dogs, or kids.

Text Chuck 412 726 6092 at anytime to easily get a quote and make an appointment Mondays through Saturday at 10 a.m for your vehicle.

Winter Availability for Exterior and Interior At Home Car Detailing


We are open to care for your vehicle all 12 months of the year, and even in the harsh winter of Pittsburgh.

If it is below freezing, raining, or snowing, most of our customers just have us work in their garage as are fit for that with space and products made to use less water. We have our own power and water hookups also, but will use outlets if available to cut down on the noise of using a generator.

Mobile Car Detail & Vehicle Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh Plus Paint Correction and Protection.

If you get exterior also, it may need to be scheduled for available garage only as it may be too cold or snowy to do the exterior unless a garage, but the interior detailing can be scheduled indoors or outdoors, but preferably indoors if you have that option. Schedule it anyways if not, and we will brave the cold in order to complete your car’s interior for you.

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