Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax – Maintaining a Car Detail

Many of Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing clients in Pittsburgh often ask, “What is a good way to maintain their professional detail months after?”

There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest way to save time, equipment, and energy is to use a quality waterless wash and wax all in 1 step.

Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax – Maintaining a Car Detail


AMSOIL Miracle Wash and Wax - Waterless Detail Spray
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Benefits of Maintaining a Detail With Waterless Spray, AMSOIL Miracle Wash and Wax


  • Amsoil makes high quality engine protection and cleaning products made to be effective at cleaning and protecting all of your vehicle’s, new shoes, jewelry, appliances, windows, and more.

No need to guess which waterless detail spray brand to use at the store, take it from us as a professional mobile detailing service, Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax is a great way to clean while protecting your car at the same time.

However, since it is so easy to use, (spray onto a folded microfiber towel, wipe on a panel, then take a dry microfiber towel and lightly hand buff off), it is easier to do after you hosed off the major dirt of your car if it is very dirty.

Our professional detailing or paint correction service will make your car clean up very easily for a long time, but it never hurts to add more protection to your car every couple months while you are cleaning it at the same time. This is why we recommend Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax, as you can do it all by hand and in 1 step instead of multiple steps.


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  • If your car has a lot of ingrained dirt, dull, oxidized, full of swirls and scratches, and hard to clean, it is best you use us for our Stage 3 Paint Correction Detailing Package first, and then maintain it with a quality car cleaning product that includes wax like Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax. This product will not work as well if the car isn’t professionally detailed first or paint corrected, however, it will be great to use either way.


  • If you enjoy cleaning your car the traditional way with a bucket and hose, simply spray a bottle of Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax into your bucket water and wash and dry as normal. This will not only wash your car, but leave a quality layer of car wax protection against bugs, acid rain, sun damage, and sap / tar.

What You  Should Do If You Just Purchased a New Car or Just Got Our Stage 3 Paint Correction Mobile Detailing Package in Pittsburgh


  • Our recommendation is if you can, invest more into your car with our 5 or 12 year 9H ceramic coating paint protection upgrade. This will make it so you don’t have to wax your car for 5 to 12 years and provides protection in front of your factory clear coat 3 times more resistant to scratches and 3 times more depth in shine. It is the pinnacle of current technology to protect your vehicle. That starts at $1,500 per vehicle to get completed as it is similar to getting your car painted in paint protection technology right at your home or work.


  • Next option is included in all of our detailing packages, regardless of Stage 1 Exterior detailing or Stage 3 Paint Correction. That is a 1  year ceramic sealant that is similar to wax, except slicks the surface more to prevent contaminants from hitting your paint hard and instead, surfing off before collision. This will last longer than wax, and does so because of the extensive prep work included in our mobile detailing to get the best bond possible.


Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax | Ceramic Coating | paint protection


  • Yes, Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax is included into our process of cleaning your car to give extra protection as well as the ceramic sealant.


  • Finally, if you got a detailing package done and a few months later, you want to maintain it, simply buy a can of Amsoil Miracle Wash and Wax as your waterless car wash spray to save yourself time and energy maintaining that professional detail we provide for you.


  • You can do it yourself affordably and achieve good results on your own, but by far best results getting paint correction first at least one time in your vehicle’s life. The results are dramatically different.

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AMSOIL Miracle Wash and Wax - Waterless Detail Spray
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