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New Updates by Chuck’s To Better Serve Our Customers at Their Home or Office


Thank you to our Pittsburgh customers for choosing Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing for your  premium car care service needs at your home or office.

The only changes forward to our auto detailing packages are switching to offering both exterior and interior detailing at the same time to coupes, sedans, or smallest suv’s to better be able to keep the maximum quality possible.

If you have a mid sized suv or larger, to be able to keep our same level of quality(which is important to me besides convenience for you), I changed my packages to offer the choice between exterior or interior for that given day.

You can easily set up another appointment and day to get the other done, but this allows me to focus on the best results possible to whichever one is most important to you to really get exceptional mobile detailing done.

Chuck’s Premium Mobile Car Detail Packages in Pittsburgh


( Up to Around 60 Miles For Detail and Over 100 Miles For 5 Year Ceramic Coating Service)


Stage 1 Exterior Mobile Detailing Package


  • Includes premium clay bar service and 1 year hand wax and paint sealant protection.
  • Includes everything needed to bring it to show room looking new, except protected every inch of the way to keep nice and value high.
  • Add engine bay or Stage 2 Interior if selling depending on size of vehicle.


Stage 2 Interior Mobile Detail Package


  • Everything possible to bring back your vehicle’s interior to be as new as it can possibly be, whether cloth or leather seating.
  • Includes services that is needed such as ; leather cleaning and reconditioning, stain removal, stain proofing protection, dog hair removal, odor removal, child seat cleaning, allergen and dust removal through vents, headliner cleaning, plus detailing to all areas of interior to complete including windows being treated to repel water.
  • Add engine bay or Stage 1 Exterior if selling available depending on size of vehicle.


Stage 3 Exterior Paint Correction Detail Package


  • If a new paint job is 100% perfect paint free of swirls, scratches, defects, and dulling oxidation, our paint correction detailing will remove between 75% and 95% of all defects to reveal beautiful and protected clear coat.
  • Includes Stage 1 Exterior Detail plus Standard (75%) or Advanced(95%) paint correction to remove all possible scratches and swirls that lower the vehicle’s value.
  • Increases value by around 20% to get done, the results will stay immaculate and much easier to keep clean for years.
  • This package is mandatory and included in the next package of 5 Year Ceramic Coating Glass Paint Protection. This package is 1 year wax and sealant after correction, or upgrade to 5 year in Stage 4 next.


Stage 4 Exterior 5 Year Ceramic Coating Premium Detail Package


5 Year Ceramic Coating For Cars Paint Protection Service
5 Year Ceramic Coating on customer’s Tesla Model S 75D.
  • Once the paint is corrected and perfect as can be, now is the time to preserve it and protect it to the maximum. Current technology of the best quality is what we offer, which is 5 year ceramic coating, or also known as 9h, glass coat, or nano car coating.
  • There are knockoffs out there so beware, the real stuff will put you in the hospital if breathed in, (been there).  It is strong and will need to cure for 48 hours before you drive it, but is well worth it as it is 3 times more durable and shiny than the already strong and shiny factory clear coat.
  • It will help greatly to resist scratches, swirls, chips, oxidation, and the goal is to basically preserve the car how it is once perfectly detailed and corrected.
  • Ceramic coating won’t come off with high heat, fast driving, or car washes like waxes and sealants will. It chemically won’t fail like car wraps or bras can, it will have a depth of shine quality deeper and better than any wax or polish. It is self cleaning and extremely hydrophobic, to shield off dirt, acid rain, and UV rays.




Thanks for reading. If you send in a quote, it’s free and only takes a minute or two, I will help you decide which package is best on email or text so that you can easily get a price for what you need.

Appointments are at 10 a.m Mon through Sat at your home or office. If in a public parking lot or garage, most people are accepting of it to be authorized but will need to be with you first. Public streets are tough to do it on unless it is a cul de sack or no outlet type of street. Ideal is a home garage or shelter in case it should rain in the middle, but I try to schedule that the best I can if it will be outside.

Thanks much for using Chuck’s and I appreciate your business of caring for your car the best way I know how.


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Mobile Car Detail & Vehicle Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh Plus Paint Correction and Protection.

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detail Pittsburgh – Service