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Pittsburgh Mobile Car & Auto Detailing in the Winter Available!

Many of our Pittsburgh customers receive mobile car and auto detailing, interior and exterior during the winter.

Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

2015 Dodge Challenger Stage 3 Package by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh. Recent Customer.


Good question. Our specialized products are top of the heap in quality, yet eco-friendly which means no pressure water source is needed. This means we can detail your car right where it sits in your garage at home or at work in a parking garage.

We don’t need a huge water truck and we don’t spray the inside of your garage with water, alot of times, the water source may be frozen anyway during those months.

We can detail your cars interior or exterior in your garage and really lay on the protection to keep your car protected from salt and the harsh winters here in Pittsburgh.

We provide discounts to get it done during the winter if you have a heated home garage. If you don’t have a garage, we still can do the interior by itself to make showroom new again or even the exterior if the temperature is just above the freezing point.

Many of our customers still enjoy detailing in the winter once they know we are available to come complete it for them even when the weather is at it’s worse.

Don’t fall in the trap of driving a nasty interior car to work all winter, it always feel better to drive a nice new and showroom like car during your commute to work and back.

Text Detail to Chuck at 412 726 6092 for an easy appointment set up. Texting allows us to better service our mobile car detailing customers in Pittsburgh. Plus much faster. Just include your make and model so we can send you a quote and payment methods are done at the time of your detail via any major card, check, or cash.

If you care about your cars, we care about them too and are award winning multiple years, eco-friendly saving over 100,000 gallons of chemical filled water from entering our cities waterways, and serve over 800 repeat happy customers up to 50 miles around Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thanks for using our mobile car detailing services and we treat your cars like they are going into a car show. Same process!

A Thank You To Our Pittsburgh Mobile Car Detailing Customers

A Thank You To Our Pittsburgh Mobile Car Detailing Customers

Since 2012 when we at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh started using eco-friendly car detailing products, our customers helped us save over 120,000 chemical filled gallons of water from entering our public drains.

While helping save water in general, alot of chemicals enter the waterways, especially for services like ours usually that work in public.

We’ve been sure to use a full line of top quality, EPA approved eco-friendly car detailing products that allowed us to save water and also prevent any chemicals entering drains for over 800 repeat customers around Pittsburgh.

This allowed us to get over a 97% customer satisfaction “A” rating over 4 years on Angie’s List and were able to be in the top 5% overall detailing shops in Pittsburgh during that time while not using products that require water and chemicals to be sprayed.

Interior Detailing Pittsburgh

Interior Detailing Pittsburgh

We look forward to continuing giving our detailing customers the best quality detailing their cars at their homes and offices, while doing our little part to helping keep our city as clean as possible from chemicals.

Please visit Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh’s website at MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com today for more information on interior and exterior mobile detailing services we provide.

Or if you want to make an easy appointment or get a fast quote for your car, just text the word “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 at anytime. You will get an asap response that is usually but will be asap regardless and not hours or days wait.

We provide 4 Stages of Mobile Car Cleaning and Detailing. Here is a quick over view,more details can be viewed on our website.

Stage 4 Exterior and Interior Car Show Simulation Including Engine Bay and Premium Paint Depth Enhancement.

Stage 3 Full Interior and Exterior Mobile Detail Without Engine bay and Paint Depth Enhancement. Includes all premium add ons,examples for exterior are scratch removal,headlight bright restore,premium wax,premium paint sealant protection,(tar,sap,road paint removal), and interior add ons include dog hair removal,odor removal,stain removal,stain proofing carpeting and mats,full leather cleaning and reconditioning,and anti static wipedown to prevent dust buildup in interior.

Stage 2 Interior OR Exterior Choice. Choose between exterior or interior if you want to save money not getting one done that you don’t need. Still includes all of the add ons of Stage 3 for each package.

Stage 1 Exterior includes a premium wax and sealant after waterless washed and presented to look showroom and look incredible. Doesn’t include Stage 2 add ons of scratch removal.

**Our scratch removal is more for spot scratches that can be removed with body work or major treatment needed. If a scratch is too deep, it will need to be taken to a body shop to be fixed but often we can fix it to fit your needs a fraction of the cost of taking to get painted**

Give us a try before you spend over a thousand on body work. Although we don’t specialize in paint correction,we often can do alot of what is needed in our detail packages for far less.

We specialize in protection and use the best for protecting cars new or used that you care about and want to really protect it’s value and condition. Or improve it’s condition from daily driving.

We don’t add in hidden fees or up sales, once we agree on your package, we do whatever it takes as it comes up to give you a great final product. We give discounts on multiple cars needing done for businesses or families, and we give discounts for repeat customers and if you have a new car being within two years of being brand new.

Visit us at mobilecardetailpittsburgh.com today and view more on mobile car detailing in Pittsburgh!


Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh