Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service

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5 or 12 Year Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service

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Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service
Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service

Example above of our customers 2018 Volvo XC90 R Design receiving our 5 Year Vehicle Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh, Pa at his and his wife’s home.

What is the Difference Between Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Wax, Paint Sealants, and Wax for Paint Protection Options?


Car Wax Services

  • Typically 3 Months Paint Protection

Paint Sealant Services

  • Usually 6 to 9 Months of Paint Protection

Vehicle Ceramic Coating Services

  • Up to 5 or 12 Years Paint Protection / Resists Scratches and Swirls 3x than factory clear coat. Plus 3x more gloss and lasts 20 times longer than waxing.


The duration of each also depends on the quality of prep and products used, as well as your environment where you live but you get the general range of what each can do.


Much of it will also be how well the car was prepped prior to receiving paint protection as a clay barred vehicle as opposed to not getting a clay bar will allow for a much better bond for the paint protection agents.

With our vehicle ceramic coating service, we would only recommend ceramic coating a vehicle if clay barred, paint correction buffed, and prepped extensively to be able to last 5 years or more.

That means if done correctly, and with a quality ceramic vehicle coating product, you won’t have to wax your car for at least 5 years. Amazing!

Ours is rated 9h also so that if you figure clear coat is around 3h, our vehicle ceramic coating service is 3 times the protection of the clear coat on your car to resist defects, swirls, scratches, acid rain, and all other contaminants.

Our vehicle ceramic coating service always makes sure to do all steps required at your home garage to be able to apply correctly.

Here’s a quick run down of what gets done to your vehicle;

1. Wash car and get as clean as possible in a dust and sun free indoor garage at your home.

2. Clay bar your vehicle until paint is smooth and clear of any ingrained contaminants.

Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service
Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service


3. Fully machine buff and perform paint correction to entire exterior of vehicle to get it as defect free as possible. Usually increases paint defects by at least 70%.

4. Wipe vehicle down with ceramic coating prep spray with microfiber towels.

5. Apply ceramic coating made specifically for paint to all exterior paint.

6. Apply ceramic coating made specifically for wheels to give wheels 5 year protection.

7. Apply ceramic coating made specifically for the windshield which will make wipers last longer and protect your windshield to the maximum for 1 year.

8. Buff off after applied.

9. Let our vehicle ceramic coating process cure on your car for at least 48 hours before it driven or gets wet. If it has to be driven, make sure it does not get wet for sure.

10. Once curing process is complete in 48 hours, your car is basically preserved like it is for 5 years after we paint correct it to the best it can be.

11. This will dramatically increase your cars value and make it much easier to keep always looking detailed and clean.

12. Ultra hydrophobic protection means the rain won’t have a chance to sit still on your vehicle, making water spots that can ruin your clear coat very difficult.

Our vehicle ceramic coating service is available to anyone nationwide that has a home garage which will be charged a travel fee in mileage starting where our home base is in Pittsburgh, Pa.

If you are located in Pittsburgh or 100 miles around give or take, we offer Stage 1 Exterior, Stage 2 Interior, Stage 3 Exterior Paint Correction, and Stage 4 Exterior Paint Correction & 5 Year Ceramic Coating Package.

If you buy a new car, the first thing to do is text us and have it ceramic coated to keep it like new for 5 years.


Text Chuck “Vehicle Ceramic Coating” to 412 726 6092 to receive a quote make an appt for your vehicle.

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