Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection

Buy a New Car? Get Maximum Paint Protection While it is Pristine with Glass Coating Detailing in Pittsburgh Plus Nationwide.

Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection

Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection at


Getting a New Car is The Key Time To Take Advantage of Our 5 Year Glass Coating Detailing Service

Regardless if you bought a new car as is brand new off the showroom new, or bought it used where it’s new to you, there are many benefits to getting it protected the right away right off the bat.

Benefits of Glass Coating Detailing Paint Protection

  • Maintain your new car value the best you can

Everyone knows how much a new car can depreciate when you buy it, but glass coating will “preserve” it for 5 years in it’s best form so that it is worth 20% more than a car that doesn’t get protected from the start.

  • Prevent paint ruining scratches, swirls, embedded bird droppings, and bug guts with glass coating where waxes and sealants fail.

As a mobile detailing service, we bring back many customers vehicles inside and out, but alot of it can be prevented before it happens. This is why I feel it is important to catch you as soon you buy a new car around Pittsburgh, to plant the seed and remind you that now is the ideal time to get it taken care of.

For 5 years, you will enjoy a car that is tough to get scratched, cleans up much easier, doesn’t need waxed for 5 years, and is much easier to see in pouring rain.

  • Clear coat is pretty tough rated at approx 3h, our Glass Coating Service is 3 times more tough at 9h.

If you want to call it glass coating, ceramic coating, or nano coating for cars, there are different levels but ours is extremely hydrophobic and lasts as long as we can possibly find.

If you see a glass coating product that you can just spray on and wipe off, it is not going to last long.

Glass coating that lasts 5 years takes extensive paint prep to be able to get a bond that lasts the full amount of time.

Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection Quick Breakdown In Your Home Garage in Pittsburgh or Nationwide;

  • Wash
  • Clay Bar Whole Car
  • Full Paint Correction Machine Buffing
  • Prep Wipe Down of Paint, Wheels, Windshield
  • Application of Glass Coating
  • Full 48 hours without getting wet to fully cure into glass and last for 5 years. Best time to cure is 2 weeks. However, 48 hours is the minimum.
Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection

Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection at


  • Permanent clear bras will start to fade and get discolored usually where glass coating will wear off after 5 years itself and leave your car looking fantastic.

In our experience, 5 years is the sweet spot of lasting much longer than waxes and sealants, but also doesn’t include the cons of long term permanent solutions that will cost to remove and gets pretty ugly over time.


  • Glass coating that is quality won’t come off with car washes and can only be removed with a high speed rotary buffer.

Don’t fall into any glass coating products that say that you don’t have to clay bar or machine buff it beforehand as there is no chance of it lasting long at all without it.

Our Glass Coating Service assures that your car is getting the correct process to apply ceramic coating which is basically like getting paint correction done with added prep and application of ceramic coating.

  • Is paint correction still needed if the new car I bought is defect free?

Yes, but for the fact that the shine of glass coating is unsurpassed by anything else. It is incredible and stays that way. This is due partially to the actual glass coating but more so that how smooth the paint gets effects the shine quality a lot.

If there are tiny little contaminants in the paint, the light reflects and breaks up, hurting the shine quality.

This is why we always do mandatory clay bar service after your new car is washed to completely remove all hidden contaminants.

Then paint correction buffing will finish the process to make the paint be a candidate to be able to fully reap the incredible benefits of our glass coating service.

  • What is the process to sign up my new car I bought to get it protected with your mobile detailing service in Pittsburgh?

There are several easy ways to make your appointment. Appointment will be at 10 a.m and done at your home garage or anywhere indoors that you have access to as glass coating can’t be done outdoors because of any dust can be locked in to your preserved paint.

However, we offer a 3 year glass wax paint protection option that is more versatile to apply and can be done outside if you have no garage. This is available to Pittsburgh or Nationwide. If outside of Pittsburgh, will also include a travel fee of $1 per mile one way plus the glass coating service quote. Starts at $1,500 per vehicle.

You can put in your make and mode to get a quote right below here or also text Chuck “Glass Coating Service” to easily set up an appt.


Text 412 – 726 – 6092




Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection

Glass Coating Detailing As New Car Paint Protection


Pictured above is owner Chuck, who will be coming to your home to perform your new car glass coating paint protection detailing service. Thanks so much for using us and we look forward to catching you at the best time to get your car detailed for protection.

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services

Learn About Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck’s

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coating Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck's

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coating Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck’s (pictured above)


Mobile Detailing Services & Packages Offered Around Pittsburgh For Your Car or Vehicles. 5 Year Car Ceramic Coat is Featured.

Get a Quote For Your Vehicle

About Chuck’s Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Service in Pittsburgh. Scroll Down To Stage 1 to Start Seeing Details of Our Packages.

Being eco – friendly and using products and methods for indoor car shows, many of our clients have us detail their car right in their home garage where it sits, or even at their work place.

As long as it is in a driveway, a garage, or authorized parking lot like at your work, we can do it there for convenience.

If it is street parking, it will need to be not much traffic and not around many cars for us to park also.

We accept appointments through the quote links or you can text “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 anytime. Mobile detailing appointments are Mon – Sat at 10 a.m and usually will take between 3 and 6 hours on average, but will tell you based on your package and vehicle size.

We accept any major card or cash onsite and also have many clients that aren’t home when we do the vehicle where in that case we can set you up with invoicing for payment.

Our goal started 7 years ago with high quality, yet convenient and great service for your car care service needs. Thank you for helping win multiple awards and being a part of us saving over 120,000 gallons of water that would be filled with chemicals from entering our waterways. We use only EPA approved products and use water less products as much as possible.

Stage 1 Exterior Mobile Detailing Package

-1 Year Paint Protection-

Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service

Vehicle Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service

Stage 1 will focus on your exterior paint, windows, wheels, tires, wheel wells and trim to make it look showroom new and protect it with premium hand waxes and paint sealant to last up to a year.

You have the ability to upgrade in the quote to add scratch removal, clay bar, and or 3 and 5 year paint protection options.

Clay Bar Add On

Clay bar will take out contaminants in your paint that are deeply ingrained and won’t ever come out with washing your car alone.

It also causes the paint to be much more shiny being smooth and allows for a much better bond for the paint protection agents to last much longer.

Full Paint Correction Buffing Add On

Scratch removal above is a stand alone scratch or scratches on your car that may or may not be too deep to be removed. If it is too deep, it will look much better and there won’t be a charge for it. If it comes out, it will save you much money before having to take it to a body shop to be painted.

Improves paint defects up to 70% to increase your car’s value and remove many swirls and scratches.

Ceramic Wax 3 Year Paint Protection Add On

Includes Stage 1 Exterior Detail, Clay Barring, Paint Correction Buffing, and Prep to be able to apply Ceramic Wax that lasts up to 3 years.

Unlike ceramic coating below, ceramic wax can be applied inside or outdoors incase you didn’t have a garage to do ceramic coating in, ceramic wax will still be available.

Ceramic Coating 5 Year Paint Protection

Includes same as Ceramic Wax before it can be applied and lasts up to 5 years except will need to be done indoors at a home garage and will need to not be driven or get wet for 48 hours to fully cure.


Stage 2 Interior Mobile Detailing Package

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck's

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services Around Pittsburgh by Chuck’s

Stage 2 will focus entirely on bringing your interior back to as new as possible and then protecting anything and everything possible.

No matter what it needs will be included for your interior including full leather cleaning with horse hair and reconditioning that replaces with new & premium leather oils.

if you have fur babies and need odor and dog hair removal, we have you covered and have many clients that use us for this. We do odor removal that goes as far as through the vents also to remove allergens and dust build up also.

Complete stain removal of the seats if cloth and headliner, floor mats, and carpets before they are stain proof protected to keep it as nice as possible longer once as clean as possible.

We will complete the windows inside and anything else including removal, cleaning, and put back child car seats if in the vehicle.

Get a Quote For Your Mobile Interior Detailing Needs Here Now

Stage 3 Full Exterior and Interior Mobile Detailing Package

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services


The Stage 3 package combines Stage 1 Exterior and Stage 2 Interior for premium and full overall mobile detailing at your home or office.

Your vehicle will look, taken from many customers, “Better than when I bought it.” We will be able to do everything necessary to transform your vehicle onsite right where it sits.

Only 1 vehicle can be done per day, in case you have multiple vehicles for mobile detailing, we can set you up a day for each car to fully get the attention each will need to complete the Stage 3 Detail.

If you need add ons for the exterior, pick Stage 1 and then they can add on as no interior will be able to be done the same day but can be signed up for another day like often is the case.

Stage 3 Full Mobile Detailing is the most popular package chosen in Pittsburgh.

Get Your Quote For Stage 3 Now

Stage 4 Car Show Prep Simulation Mobile Detailing Package

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services

Mobile Detailing & Car Ceramic Coat Services


Stage 4 Car Show Prep Simulation will take Stage 1 Exterior, Stage 2 Interior Mobile Detailing Packages and Then Add the Following;

  • Engine Bay Detailing
  • Scratch Removal
  • Clay Bar
  • All Interior and Exterior Trim Restored

This package is great to maximize your vehicles value if you plan on keeping it or selling it soon.

In most cases, it will increase the value of your car around 20% which will pay for itself and then make more back for you if selling privately.


Get a Quote For Stage 4 Mobile Detailing Package Here Now

Visit these pages in our website for more information on each;

Text Chuck “Detail” for an Appointment to 412-726-6092

Thank you for choosing Chuck’s as your mobile detailing service in Pittsburgh helping us be award winning by Angie’s List and Expertise.

Paint Protection Service in Pittsburgh Including Ceramic Coating

Our Mobile Paint Protection Service Including Ceramic Coating Offers 1, 3, & 5 Year Paint Protection Options in Pittsburgh Plus Nationwide. Learn what they they are and where available below.

Paint Protection Service in Pittsburgh Including Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Service in Pittsburgh Including Ceramic Coating Text “Detail” to Chuck at 412 726 6092


Mobile 5 Year Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service Done at Your Home Garage

Available: Pittsburgh, Pa, Nationwide(Any State Able to Drive to, Additional Gas Mileage Charge)

Due to ceramic coating needing extra prep work to be able to apply to be able to last very long at 5 years, you will need to have either a home or work garage with your car out of any sun light or windy area.

The ceramic coating we use is 9h which means it is great at preventing scratches and swirls and basically does the best job possible at preserving your vehicles paint and wheels for 5 years.

Included is mandatory full vehicle paint correction buffing to remove as many defects as possible to preserve the paint in it’s best form.

No need for any waxing for 5 years, just simple washes as it is extremely hydrophobic and is our best paint protection service offered.

Starts at $1,500 and up. Includes full paint and wheels. Get a quote by texting Chuck “Ceramic Coating” to 412 726 6092. Can be any state or local here in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Also, exterior detailing is only available with ceramic coating and interior would have to be added another day if in Pittsburgh.

Mobile 3 Year Ceramic Wax Paint Protection Service Done at Your Home Garage

Available: ~100 Miles Around Pittsburgh, Pa

Ceramic Wax is better than sealants and regular wax, but not as pricey as 5 year ceramic coating.

Requires paint correction buffing but does not have to be in a garage or out of the sun to apply like ceramic coating. However, for best results, it is best to be in the shade if possible.

Great to get to get a quality 3 year paint protection service to maximize your vehicles value.

Interior can be completed and schedules a different day, ceramic wax exterior detailing will need to be only focus for the day to apply. Includes full paint and wheels.

Starts at $1,000 per vehicle and up.

Paint Protection Service in Pittsburgh Including Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Service in Pittsburgh Including Ceramic Coating


For Paint Protection Service, Mobile Detailing or Ceramic Coating Text Chuck at 412-726-6092. Text the word “Detail” if in Pittsburgh or “Ceramic Coating” if Nationwide.


Mobile 1 Year Paint Protection Service Done at Your Home Garage in Pittsburgh Including Both Interior Or Exterior or Both.

Available: ~50 Miles Around Pittsburgh, Pa

Stage 1 Exterior Through Stage 4 Car Show Prep Simulation Packages are available only around Pittsburgh, Pa.

You can get your interior and exterior done at your home or office in a garage or outside even at your work if authorized to do so. We are eco friendly and can get into parking garages easier than big trucks carrying loads of water.

We have a 6 year A+ Angie’s List Rating and over 1,300 happy customers. We’ve saved over 20 Million ounces of chemical filled water entering Pittsburgh’s waterways in 6 years.

To get a quote, visiting at the very top to select your options and put in your make and model for a customized quote.

Starts at $250 per vehicle and up.

Text Chuck at 412 726 6092 to Make an Appointment in Pittsburgh or Nationwide for mobile detailing or ceramic coating.

Thank you.

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Crimson Shield Paint Protection Products and Services

Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh – Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing

Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh

by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing

The Best of The Best in 5 or 3 Year Paint Protection Packages  At Your Home or Office

Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh - Chuck's Mobile Car Detailing

Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh – Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing


What Is Ceramic Coating or Ceramic Paint Coating?

  • To put it simply,  if wax protect for 3 months and sealants protect your cars paint for 6 to 9 months,  Ceramic Coating will easily last at least 5 + years. We also offer Ceramic Wax which lasts 3 + years.
  • Although it is more difficult to apply and takes much prep and detailing work before it can be applied, the benefits are the best of the best in protecting your vehicles.
  • Our ceramic coating service in Pittsburgh uses the highest quality ceramic coating available to offer you the top notch semi permanent paint protection available.
  • Ceramic coating in more technical terms is Si02 silica that provides a more permanent, much longer lasting layer on the clear coat compared to waxes and sealants. It’s the big leagues of keeping a prized possession in it’s best shape possible by using bonding to the surface at the nanomolecular level and are hydrophobic so it doesn’t let water sit on your vehicle.
  • Ceramic coating takes extensive prep work to be able to apply correctly and can only be removed with machine buffing once installed on the clear coat. It can’t be done in sunlight or anywhere but a garage which requires you to have a home garage to use our ceramic coating service in Pittsburgh. Or we can pick it up for you and have it completed in our garage.

What Is The Cost of Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh & What is All Done To My Vehicle?

  • Due to the cost of materials of ceramics and the extensive amount of prep work and time, the cost will be $1,500 and up  per vehicle depending on size for all of the exterior. This includes the full vehicle paint, trim, windows, and wheels to be protected for 5 + years. It requires the paint to fully be machine buff corrected first to remove as much swirls, scratches, and defects as possible before ceramic coating can be installed.
  • Ceramic Wax is also available which doesn’t require to be paint corrected first and is great for new cars or if you are happy with your paint as is to be protected for 3 + years.
  • By not needing paint corrected with ceramic wax, the cost will start at $750 and up by size and be about half the cost of our ceramic coating service. This also includes scratch removal and paint correcting spots that may need it but not the entire vehicle like it is needed with ceramic coating.
  • To receive a quote, just visit our website at and at the top of the page in big writing, you can put in your make and model to receive your quote.
  • If you’d like a level below 5 or 3 years plus protection, our mobile detailing service uses premium sealants and waxes that last up to a year and starts at $250 if you want less of a cost but still great quality to your cars.

Why Ceramic Coating Requires More Prep Work and Harder to Install Than Waxing and Paint Sealants

  • By using our ceramic coating service in Pittsburgh, you don’t take any chances ruining your paint.
  • For it to be applied correctly, your car must first receive paint correction buffing to get as many imperfections as possible our of your paint. And it must be clay barred, stripped of all wax and anything else to be as perfect as possible before ceramic coating can be applied.
  • Once it is ready to be applied, it must be done meticulously correct or else any error will need to be machine buffed off to remove.
  • Ceramic coating cures when it hits air so there is a small window of time and application to be installed correctly.
  • Thus the cost difference but the results are amazing and the best way to protect your prized possessions.
  • If you spend your hard earned money on a new car you care about, we highly recommend using our 5 + year ceramic coating service in Pittsburgh to keep it new before it gets a chance to get scratches, swirls, and paint defects. Or 3 + year Ceramic Wax if you would like less of a cost.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Take To Cure Before I Can Drive My Car? How Do I Make an Appt To Have It Done? Do You Go Outside of Pittsburgh To Complete the Service?

  • It will take 24 to 48 hours to be safe to fully cure before your car can get wet or be exposed to dirt. Once it does, it will be protected 2 plus years and much, much easier to keep clean and prevent swirls and scratches.
  • We can offer customers outside of Pittsburgh the service at your home garage or pick up case by case basis, just let us know your situation and we can work it out if possible.
  • To use our ceramic coating service for your vehicles, text Detail to 412 726 6092 or visit and send a quote over and we will get back to you via email asap.
Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh - Chuck's Mobile Car Detailing

Ceramic Coating Service in Pittsburgh – Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing – Owner Chuck pictured above. Thanks for choosing Chuck;s as your car care service. We treat your car as it’s our own and give nothing but the best and passion for what we do.


Do You Have A Less Costly Version of Ceramic Coating?

  • We do yes like mentioned a bit above, ceramic wax, a silica or ceramic coating infused wax that will be 33% ceramic or glass coating for high quality protection but doesn’t require paint correction machine buffing to be completed first.
  • We can do it this version right at your home or office and doesn’t require in an indoor garage like our ceramic coating service.
  • To get a quote for your vehicle to be Ceramic Waxed, just choose it in the option menu or text “Detail” to 412 726 6092.
  • Pricing varies from make, model, and size.
  • Receiving ceramic coating or ceramic wax will be a great way to get much more value back for your car when you go to sell it later, which at least will pay for itself doing it now.

Mobile Car Detailing Service in Pittsburgh Is Easy With Chuck’s

Mobile Car Detailing Service in Pittsburgh Is Easy With Chuck’s Because You Can Simply Text “Detail” to 412-726-6092 Anytime.

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck's

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s


Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh Fun & Interesting Facts;

Convenience in a Car Cleaning Service

  • We come right to your home or work anywhere 40 miles around downtown Pittsburgh to completely detail the interior and / or exterior of your vehicles.
  • We are economic friendly and many customers choose to get their car detailed right in there home garage or work parking garages.
  • Since 2012, you’ve helped us save over 150,000 gallons of water by choosing us at your mobile car detailing service in Pittsburgh.
  • Hassle free and high quality service always is our goal.

Quality Detailing Service in PGH

  • We are car guys and lovers so when we detail your car, you can be sure we are giving it everything it needs to bring it back to as new as possible and protect it from Pittsburgh’s harsh weather changes.
  • We use all enthusiast grade products whether it be to stain proof your interior carpets, protect your paint and exterior, or keeping your leather or cloth seats nice by replacing the oils.

Get Your Car Detailed While You Work in Pittsburgh

  • Many of our customers have us detail their car right where they work in a parking lot or garage. We can do everything needed right where your car sits during all months of the year.
  • If it will be outside, you will be texted and offered to reschedule to a dry day or if in winter, will need to be 32 degrees at least to complete the exterior. Besides that, you can text us anytime to set up an appointment throughout the year.

One Flat Price and Mobile Detailing Completed in Convenient Time

  • Coming to you, your car is the only focus and gets all the attention. We only book so many appointments per week so that we can fully give the best quality to each customer we detail their cars for.
  • Stage 1 Exterior, Stage 2 Interior, Stage 3 Full Interior and Exterior, And Stage 4 is Stage 3 Full Detail Plus The Engine Bay and Scratch Removal are the packages to choose from so that you can be assured you will not only get what you need, but everything will be done correctly to our standards.
  • We don’t offer any basic packages because loving cars, I can’t leave without anything being done right. Basic isn’t our target market, we want you to happy from the results and let us do what we do. We thank our customers we have and appreciate you all.

Car Detailing Kit, Car Wash, and Wax

  • Over 6 years, we had our own All in 1 Car Detailing Kit made so that you can buy it for a car lover friend or family member to use on their own car if they prefer to get quality protection themselves.
  • Visit our product site at to have us send out to you with free shipping or order one on top of the mobile car detailing service you order as well.
  • Makes a great birthday, Valentine’s, or Christmas gift to give to anyone who loves their cars or taking care of their valuables.
Car Detailing Kit and Wax

Car Detailing Kit and Wax at

Easily Get a Mobile Car Detailing Quote in Pittsburgh for Fast Service by Texting Chuck

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s Has Exciting News For 2018.

Read On To Learn More & To Our Appreciated Customers, We Hope You Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck's

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s (Pictured above is owner, Chuck)


What Makes Chuck’s Unique for Your Interior or Exterior Mobile Car Detailing Needs in Pittsburgh, Pa?

1. Since 2011, we always been about giving the best experience and quality possible for you to enjoy a like new and protected vehicle without any of the head aches you might find in the auto industry.

2. We come to you at your home or office, no need to drop it off and we use only enthusiast grade, economic friendly products so that we can complete your car without hurting the area at your home or work location.

3. Personal texting is offered so that you can at anytime text “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 and get an instant quote with all 5 Stages of mobile car detailing.

4. Over almost 6 years, we have saved over 120,000 gallons of chemical filled water from entering our drains by being eco-friendly and serve over 1,200 repeat customers in Pittsburgh, Pa.

5. Some of our clients include players from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates professional sports teams.

6. We’ve got to team up with customers to enjoy 1st place car show awards and we are thankful for our Angie’s List customers for taking the time to leave their reviews giving us multiple service awards in the top 5% of businesses in Pittsburgh, Pa and an A rated rank. Thank you so much! It is appreciated.

7. Your car will be put through the same simulation as if it were going into a car show so that you enjoy the best results and protection to maximize your vehicles value. Using a premium car care service like us will boost your vehicles value by up to 20% just keeping it nice and protected from getting ruined driving in the elements.

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck's

Interior & Exterior Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh by Chuck’s Text 412-726-6092 For Instant Service

8. You can choose to just get only the interior or only the exterior completed to your cars as well.  So that maybe you have a company vehicle or want to pay less, you can choose just the interior or exterior to suit your needs.

9. May of our customers vehicles are in home garages, as our product like allows us to use new technology and not have to spray water everywhere and will clean and detail your vehicle inside as if it were at an indoors car show or show room.

10. This allows you to get exterior or interior detailing year round and even in the winter when the salt can ruin your mats, carpets, and paint. Get it protected anytime. Ideally it is best to get mobile detailing quarterly to each vehicle you have.

Updates At Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh For 2018

Over 6 years of interior and exterior mobile car detailing in Pittsburgh, we have been working on formulating our own premium car care product to better help our own detailing but to sell it to do it your selfers across the country.

We’ve created Crimson Shield, found at which is our enthusiast grade, all in 1 eco-friendly cleaner, paint sealant, wax, and polish shine enhancer.

We are proud of what we have created as it took us tweaking the right formula for 6 years to get it perfected. We wanted to be able to offer anyone in the country the ability to treat their vehicle themselves with the quality that we use in our local detailing service.

If you have a friend, coworker, or family member that is a car lover, they would love Crimson Shield as a gift or stocking stuffer as it comes in a ready to use 32 oz bottle and can be sprayed right on and wiped off. Anyone can use it as we provide the premium microfiber towels needed to wipe it on and wipe it off to get great results instantly.

No need for a hose or machine buffers like we use, you wipe it on and wipe it off and protect your prized possessions while cleaning. Use on all interior and exterior for your vehicle, and even use on jewelry, shoes, motorcycles, RV, boats, aircraft, and household counters and appliances!

Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax | 32 Oz

Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax | 32 Oz
Get it at


Update on Offering  Stage 5 Paint Correction Package for 2018

Stage 5 Paint Correction or Swirl Mark Removal Buffing takes hours of high speed buffing to remove up to 70% of defects from your paint.

Use this package if you want to dramatically increase the value of your vehicle, or if you would like to pay alot less than a full paint job. Paint jobs can cost from $1000 up to $25,000 depending on what you get.

Our Stage 5 Paint Correction Detailing Package will cost significantly less as we will remove micro layers of clear coat to reveal fresh paint under the swirled and damaged paint.

In order to be available to receive this package, you must first get Stage 1 through Stage 4 Detailing and Paint Protection Package and then a second day to perform Stage 5 will be needed.

This way, it is done right and you will not need to  be without your car and the price will be split up over 2 appointments.

Stage 1 through Stage 4 we treat stand alone scratches that can be removed, Stage 5 is if your car is covered in swirls and spider scratches usually caused by poor quality automatic car washes and just normal wear and tear without proper paint protection that we offer. If you get a new car, be sure to treat it asap with our paint protection packages or if you do it yourself, by Crimson Shield.

Text Chuck “Detail” at 412-726-6092 7 days a week for an instant quote on all packages we offer and easy appoint setup

Mon-Sat at 10 a.m

We accept all major cards or cash and can provide a receipt.

No checks accepted.

Thank you,


Eco-Friendly, Enthusiast Grade Detailing Onsite

At Your Home or Office

Detailing & Car Cleaning Kit to Protect Prized Possessions

Detailing & Car Cleaning Kit to Protect Prized Possessions Available at

Happy New Year From Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh!

From Chuck’s Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh, we want to take a minute to thank all of our customers for choosing us as their mobile service to come to their home & office to clean their vehicles.

mobile auto detailing pittsburgh

text Chuck “Detail” to 412-726-6092 for quick appointment

In 2017, we are going to keep providing the best customer service possible to try and win some more awards, while hopefully giving you not only the best car detailing quality around, but also making it as convenient as possible for you to get done.

That’s why we offer texting appointments, we have over 900 customers around Pittsburgh and a majority of them love to text to set up their interior or exterior car detailing package at their home or office.

Text “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092 or simply visit our website at and get a quick and easy quote via email.

In 5 years, we have saved over 100,000 gallons of chemical filled water from entering Pittsburgh waterways while out detailing our customers cars at their home or offices. We will continue to be eco-friendly while also providing the best quality mobile car detailing service available.

There are national companies that will get the customer online and then send unknown people to do your car, with us, you will always get myself and my assistant to make sure your car is done correctly.

We have repeat customer all over Pittsburgh from Cranberry, Wexford, Warrendale, to Robinson, Imperial, & Moon Township, to Mcmurray, Upper Saint Clair, Bethel Park, to Washington, Monroeville, & even some parts of West Virginia.

We come to clean and detail your cars up to 50 miles around Pittsurgh, Pa and don’t need anything except for your vehicles access.

We offer many forms of payment onsite and can provide a digital receipt, and your car and property will be treated with the utmost care.

Our regular detail customers know this already, but for anyone looking to get the feeling of a brand new car, while protecting your investment to the very max, try Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh in 2017!

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Eco-Friendly, Enthusiast Grade

Car Detailing Onsite

Interior & Exterior

How to Use Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Service in Pittsburgh, Pa

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Service in Pittsburgh, Pa uses only the best economical friendly car detailing products that are enthusiast grade to improve and protect your prized possessions.

car detailing service pittsburgh pa

car detailing service pittsburgh pa by Chuck’s on a Tesla Model S

Since 2012, we have won multiple awards and have done over 800 happy customers cars & saving over 100,000 gallons of chemical filled water from entering our cities waterways.

Customer service has always been our number 1 priority without sacrificing quality being a mobile only service that comes to your home or office to complete our mobile car detailing service.

To set up an appt, we make it easy by texting “Detail” to Chuck at 412-726-6092. Provide the make and model of your vehicle and you’ll get a quote replies back asap and appt set up is even easier just needing the day you’re free Mon-Sat at 10 a.m. at your home or work.

All major credit cards are accepted onsite at the time of your detail, so are checks & cash. All we ask is if it’s an office location or public parking lot and not a private driveway, to please get permission for us to detail your car there. We rarely have any issues but just to be safe is best.

A quick scope of our packages are;

Stage 3 is the most popular full interior and exterior detailing package that brings your car back to as new as completely possible inside and out, and then max protected with the best products available to give you better and longer lasting results;

  • Scratch removal
  • Dog hair removal
  • Professional/Industrial grade odor removal(smoke, mold, food spills, allergens, vomit, anything you can think of)
  • Enthusiast grade high polymer waxes applied for protection
  • Long lasting and hardening/curing paint sealant to seal up paint and make it so slick, everything has a tough time sticking to it and ruining your paints finish.
  • Stain proof carpets to protect against stains, winter salt damage, accidents, etc
  • Full leather reconditioning to restore leathers original smell and texture to prevent sun drying and cracking, damage.
  • Full detail basics( vacuum, door jams, windows inside and out, seats get taken out if a van or suv, removal of car seats for children, vents, mats, wheels, tires, wheel wells, gas tank, etc)
  • Headlight Brightness Buffing/Restore
  • Bug, overspray paint, sap, tar removal
  • Plus much more

We put your car on 12 rags around the tires to prevent any kind of dirt stains on your driveway, we prevent that as much as possible. to respect and protect your property.

Stage 4 takes the Stage 3 package above and adds

  • Engine bay detailing
  • Great to increase value or selling point for sale or trade in.
  • Paint Depth Enhancement to enhance your paints depth and shine, while adding another layer of added paint sealant.
  • Perfect for those who really care about their cars and want that unreal mirror finish that is locked in for long lasting effects.

Stage 2 takes the same benefits of Stage 3 but you choose between interior or exterior.

This is great if say you want the interior to be fully brought back to like new but the exterior isn’t much concern to you and you’d rather just quickly run it through a basic car wash.

Stage 1 Exterior is same as the other packages for exterior except

  • No Scratch Removal or Headlight Brightness Restore Included

Pricing varies by the size of the vehicle,  the time of the year(some months are extremely busy and prices are regular, or in the winter months when slower, prices get reduced).

Repeat customers receive discounts as well as having 2 or more cars at the same place and day. Great for families with multiple cars or offices with coworkers who would like to save money and get theirs done with another coworker the same day.

To set up a quote, visit Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Service in Pittsburgh, Pa at today!

We are available all seasons, year long.

In the rare instance you don’t get a text or call back, try texting if you called as often we are in areas for customers without service or are driving. I am as quick as possible though and most of the time it will be an instance response for you.

Try emailing a quote also from our website at for fast service besides texting.

Thanks much!

Driving a clean car makes you more motivated and a feeling of accomplishment and happiness of being organized.

Get that new car purchase feeling with alot less cost by transforming the car you have that you might not know exactly how much you could love the car you have all over again and not need a different one. :-). Give it a try!

Pittsburgh Mobile Car & Auto Detailing in the Winter Available!

Many of our Pittsburgh customers receive mobile car and auto detailing, interior and exterior during the winter.

Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

2015 Dodge Challenger Stage 3 Package by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh. Recent Customer.


Good question. Our specialized products are top of the heap in quality, yet eco-friendly which means no pressure water source is needed. This means we can detail your car right where it sits in your garage at home or at work in a parking garage.

We don’t need a huge water truck and we don’t spray the inside of your garage with water, alot of times, the water source may be frozen anyway during those months.

We can detail your cars interior or exterior in your garage and really lay on the protection to keep your car protected from salt and the harsh winters here in Pittsburgh.

We provide discounts to get it done during the winter if you have a heated home garage. If you don’t have a garage, we still can do the interior by itself to make showroom new again or even the exterior if the temperature is just above the freezing point.

Many of our customers still enjoy detailing in the winter once they know we are available to come complete it for them even when the weather is at it’s worse.

Don’t fall in the trap of driving a nasty interior car to work all winter, it always feel better to drive a nice new and showroom like car during your commute to work and back.

Text Detail to Chuck at 412 726 6092 for an easy appointment set up. Texting allows us to better service our mobile car detailing customers in Pittsburgh. Plus much faster. Just include your make and model so we can send you a quote and payment methods are done at the time of your detail via any major card, check, or cash.

If you care about your cars, we care about them too and are award winning multiple years, eco-friendly saving over 100,000 gallons of chemical filled water from entering our cities waterways, and serve over 800 repeat happy customers up to 50 miles around Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thanks for using our mobile car detailing services and we treat your cars like they are going into a car show. Same process!

What is The Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh Difference?

Here are a few good reasons to choose Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh for your mobile car detailing, cleaning, and protection needs up to 40 miles around Pittsburgh, Pa.

Chuck's Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh

No Need to Drop Off Your Car or Worry About Moving it

  • We come right to your home or office! Forget having to drop it off and find a ride.
  • Also no need to have to take a whole day off to get it done where it becomes a chore.
  • We use the highest quality, EPA approved and Eco-Friendly products that allow us to detail a car anywhere.
  • We don’t need to spray water everywhere or put chemicals around the ground. We come fully equipped to detail your car in the most quality way possible while getting it done before you leave your work day.
  • Many of our customers use us while they are working or doing other things while at home so it will be done before you know it.

Eco-Friendly yet Quality Mobile Interior & Exterior Detailing in Pittsburgh

  • We are a Super Service Award winner on Angie’s List for multiple years.
  • By using Chuck’s, assure your car will be in great hands and treated by true car enthusiasts. Whether it is your baby, a new car, or just a company car, they will get the best treatment and protection.


  • We have Stage 1 to Stage 4 packages to make sure you have options so you can go all out, or just get what you need and nothing more.
  • Keep in mind, although we have 4 options of packages, we earned our reputation of quality by only providing quality packages, sorry we can’t offer just a vacuum or just a quick wash.
  • We do make the prices affordable with discounts for repeat customers(10%) and 20% for any customer who has 2 or more cars they would need fully done at the same place or time.
  • Redeem our 20% of 2 or more car digital coupon at our Perks Pittsburgh business profile today here

We Save Over 120 Gallons of Water Per Car

  • We don’t need water, so over 1000 customers around Pittsburgh it adds up.
  • Easily over 120,000 gallons saved thus far and always growing.
  • This prevents harsh chemicals from entering waterways and drains in our city.
  • It is a small part, and not our main selling point, but it helps in the long run.
  • Text Chuck by visiting now and the number to text is right there for you.
  • You’ll get instant help and a quote just by texting the word “Detail”.
  • If not during business hours, please allow til the following morning to get your quote.

Thanks for choosing Chuck’s Mobile Auto Detailing Pittsburgh!